POWDER SPRINGS, Ga., Sept. 18, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In recent months, there have been numerous instances in the news about food borne illnesses that have reaffirmed the ongoing need for quality oil free compressors in kitchens and food preparation areas, says BOGE America, Inc. When installed and in use, a BOGE oil free compressor helps to retain air quality within the surrounding vicinity, and guards against the risk of air impurities polluting the air quality.

BOGE EO22D Compressor
According to Jerry Elsen, General Manager, BOGE America, “The use of quality oil free compressors in the workplace is extremely important to the Food Industry in the U.S. Recent events have illustrated the urgent need for a new dialogue, and one that is ongoing. Food borne illnesses have harmed many people in the U.S. and damaged the hard-earned reputations of longtime businesses.”

He added “BOGE’s line of oil free air compressors ensure that all businesses in the American food industry can operate at their best and, at the same time, serve customers consistently with the highest standards.”

Previously, combating this pollution could cost a great deal of time and money. For restaurants and other eating establishments such as medical food preparation areas that already operate with a tight profit margin, cost savings and safety are always a priority.

As a solution to food borne illnesses, BOGE America is proud to offer a range of oil free compressors that provide a comprehensive air quality solution. Compressors that are cutting edge, but also set to provide an enduring long-term solution to a food industry establishment.

About BOGE Compressors:

BOGE America is the United States of America’s Daughter Company of BOGE International GmbH based in Bielefeld, Germany. BOGE manufactures a comprehensive range of oil lubricated and oil free screw and piston compressors used by all sectors of industry to supply compressed air for a wide range of manufacturing processes.

The company also supplies a complimentary range of filters, dryers and condensate management equipment. The product is sold and serviced through a dedicated network of over 50 distributors in North and South America.

Further information regarding BOGE America and superior oil free air compressors, please visit their website https://us.boge.com/en-us.

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