WINTER GARDEN, Fla., June 27, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Brand Strategist and speaker Loren Weisman is asking people that when they answer what they did on their summer vacation as far as marketing and promoting is concerned to answer with being authentic, true and humble.

Marketing expert Loren Weisman
Loren Weisman is asking people this summer to step away from the hype, the sell, the pressure and the overly dominant push of marketing online and off. He wants people to change their messages, tone and delivery to a more engaging, inviting and connecting approach.

“From videos to quotes, blogs to audios and everything in between, the shift is heading to authenticity,” Weisman says. “People are getting exhausted from the hype. People are getting tired of being sold to and people are getting sick of told how they will feel, what they need and exact what they should have.”

This is also true in the social media algorithms that are changing to reflect this as well. The click here, buy now, must have sales pitches are being flagged and even penalized on certain sites as the shift of social media is beginning a shift to actually being that much more social again.

“Taking the focus away from the hype of screaming that you are a best-selling author with the same ad over and over again is oversaturating and annoying to a great many. Shifting the message to sharing about the different parts of the book, the author and the writing process over a series of different posts and ads can connect people with a greater audience.”

Shifting the focus to engagement and altering the forced sell to an inviting share will allow you to make that any more friends, connections and conversions on your summer vacation. Changing your message to reflect the truth of you can bring you truer connections.

As we look to educating, building and protecting our brand with validity, humility and authenticity, it allows for better profits, results and long term connections.

About Loren Weisman:
Loren Weisman is a Branding Strategist and Counselor who aligns, defines and designs individualized branding and content plans for start-up and established businesses. He is also the host of the Brand Management and Marketing Podcast, Wait What Really OK. He has recently relocated to Winter Garden, Florida.

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