CHICAGO, Ill., Sept. 10, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — CAC Group, Inc. announced this week that it is now Cogensia. The name change is the result of a 12-year process that has now come to be realized. Since its founding, CAC Group has provided premium analytical consulting for some of the country’s largest marketers.

“In 2002, I saw that we could do more and deliver a higher standard of results by focusing solely on analytical consulting excellence for our clients,” Brad Rukstales, president and CEO of CAC Group, says.

As a result, he has challenged the traditional biases, processes, and analytic methods to solve evolving clients’ business needs. The technology environment has made excellence in analytics even more important, and its commitment to unbiased consulting has catapulted this firm, like no other, into pioneering analytic consulting.

During the course of the past 12 years, clients requested more of CAC Group. They asked for program design, data management, access to external data and real-time intelligence. It was this shift in clients’ needs that led to formalizing the growth from solely consulting-based relationships to creating long-term, lasting partnerships.

CAC Group CAC Group has now grown from one to more than 25 professionals and 30 clients. It has significant agency partnerships, and works internationally and in almost every major business sector.

“Our vision has been realized,” Rukstales says. “Partnering with clients has allowed us to deliver something more valuable – intelligence that compels and drives results.”

Now in 2013, CAC Group goes beyond to drive incremental ROI.

“Our value proposition has grown to include digital advertising, online and offline CRM, real-time predictive modeling and data management. Our new name reflects that reality and demonstrates our commitment to employees, clients and investors to continue our market leadership in intelligence that compels,” Rukstales says.

CAC Group will continue to exist as the owner of Cogensia, and will pursue growth through development of additional companies and entities that solve client needs.

About Cogensia:
Cogensia is committed to intelligence that compels. It remains dedicated to driving marketing results through compelling insight, while partnering with its clients. It invests in people, processes and technology that continue to bring this mission to life.

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