AUSTIN, Texas, June 26, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The type of fence that residential homeowners decide to use will not only play an essential role in the house’s exterior design, but also provides one of the most basic human needs – protection. It is the need for security and privacy that drives most homeowners to buy a place of their own. As such, a fence that has been expertly constructed and installed gives a true sense of security in the home. But, which one to choose? Capitol Fence and Deck of Austin, Texas shares their tips for homeowners to buy the right fence between wrought iron, chain link, or wood.

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How to Choose the Right Fence

Homeowners have a variety of fencing options that they could choose from and must consider a lot of things before selecting one. The first thing to consider is the use and main goal of the fence.

If the main goal is to simply keep pets and kids contained in the yard, this could require different fencing options as compared to the goal of increasing the property’s value.

A busy and budget-oriented homeowner should also consider the costs of installation and maintenance. There may also be Homeowner’s Association neighborhood restrictions that need to be considered. Capitol Fence specializes as an Austin residential fencing company experienced with helping homeowners with these considerations.

Consider These Fence Buying Tips for Residential Homes

1. Function

Function is the purpose for the fence and what it is intended for that will determine, the height, form, and other essential features of the fence. These intentions can be narrowed down to four basic categories. They include:

Privacy Fence 

A privacy fence is intended to keep the neighbor’s eyes from seeing what the homeowner is doing in the yard and home. It is available in different options, including pickets, tightly spaced boards, or framed panels that will prevent anyone from seeing the yard or home. These types of fences are typically over 6 feet tall to prevent most people from seeing over them.

Security Fence

If the homeowner’s goal is to keep burglars out, this fence is a good choice. It is over 6ft tall and has pickets with spiky tops that will deter anyone from climbing over. Additionally, the outer face is smooth which ensures a climber will not have a foothold.

Decorative Fence 

If the desire is to boost curb appeal, add a structural feature to the landscape, or just to establish property lines, this is the appropriate fencing option. Because it does not need to be obtrusive, just select one that is between two and four feet tall with spaced pickets and ornamental designs.

Safety Fence 

If the goal is to enclose an area without having to change the view, then this option is to go with. The chain link fence is the most common type. It consists of durable galvanized metal mesh.

2. Maintenance

Once a homeowner understands the purpose of your fence, the next step is to decide what materials to use. Consider asking Capitol Fence, our Austin residential fence installation company for advice.

The most common materials utilized in fence construction include:


This is the most popular fencing option in the country due to the aesthetic appeal it adds to the home. Additionally, it is not that costly even though the price you pay is relative to the size and height of the fence. Wood fences can also last for 10 years to up to a lifetime with proper care and maintenance.


Bamboo fencing is becoming increasingly popular as a fencing option in the United States due to its exotic look. Additionally, it grows fast, making it an environmentally friendly fencing option.

Wrought Iron

The wrought-iron fence has been classically used for both security and decorative purposes. Even though wrought iron fences are beautiful and strong, they do require regular maintenance. The fence may need to be repainted every two or three years. Since they are typically custom-made, wrought iron fences are available in a wide variety of designs.

Chain Link & Wire 

Even though this fencing option does not enhance the home’s privacy, it does perform the functions it was meant for very well. These are good for homeowners that just need to keep pets of family members inside the yard. They are affordable to install while being durable and requiring very little maintenance.

Austin residential fencing using chain link can be supplemented using flowers, shrubbery, or vines on the outer side of the fence. Not only will this enhance the security of the home, but will also add to the homeowner’s privacy. A little bit of creativity is all it takes to obstruct prying eyes.

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