DALLAS, Texas, Oct. 13, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) – The new U.S. Climate Bill offers generous incentives, making now an ideal time to go solar expanding the tax credit from 26 percent to 30 percent. Rising energy costs and a struggling Texas power grid are causing many homeowners to look for energy saving options and batteries to power their homes during outages. That’s why KPost, a leading Dallas roofing and waterproofing company, is excited to announce that it’s recently expanding its service offerings to install Tesla solar roof systems and Powerwall.

KPOST Roofing and Waterproofing
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Tesla solar roofs take existing roofs and essentially turn them into clean energy machines that are not only practical, but also add a superior aesthetic to your roof. These roofs come with a class A-fire rating, 25-year warranty and a visually-modern appeal while tested to withstand up to 166 mph winds and 1.75” hail.

And, with a true BIVP built-in photovoltaic, if one panel breaks, only that one needs to be found and repaired. The rest will continue to work so there’s no wasted energy or downtime. It’s a plug and play design.

These Tesla solar roof systems are a win-win for homeowners as they are low-maintenance, save money on electricity and have the added benefit of increasing a home’s value. In some cases, a utility will credit homeowners for energy sent to the power grid, which can be applied towards future utility bills. This billing mechanism is called net energy metering (NEM).

Pairing the Tesla solar roof with Powerwall is becoming a preferred system for Texas residents as the power grid is strained due to excessive temperatures and population growth. The Powerwall is an integrated battery system that stores your solar energy for backup protection, so when the grid goes down, power stays on. The system detects outages and automatically recharges with sunlight to keep appliances running for days.

“Rising energy costs have many homeowners interested in installing traditional solar panels on their homes,” Matthew Jaynes, vice President of residential, says. “Many solar systems are installed on asphalt shingle roofs which are very susceptible to hail damage and only last about 10-15 years in Texas while the solar panels are expected to last 25 years. The Tesla Solar Roof combines a long-lasting roof system with PV panels saving homeowners over the short and long term. We’re looking forward to what the future holds in the solar industry.”

About KPost:

KPost Roofing & Waterproofing, a 400+ employee company, is the official Roofing & Waterproofing Partner of the Dallas Cowboys. They have been protecting roofs in the DFW Metroplex for more than 18 years, providing customers with safety, quality and value with each roof installation or repair.

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