MIAMI, Fla., Aug. 18, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — R&B Fusion Artist V. Tiarrá was a featured performer/artist at the 2020 Blue Gala hosted by the Miami-Dade Democratic Party. Just as she is releasing her next new song, “Digital Love,” V. Tiarrá performed “Batter Up” an ode to the many societal and social issues US Citizens face, while politicians “politick” and use their constituents for their own political power, financial gain and divisiveness of their own citizens.

V. Tiarra on set of 'Batter Up' music video
PHOTO CAPTION: R&B fusion artist, V. Tiarrá on set of “Batter Up” music video in South Florida.

Tiarrá, Dr. Venis Wilder by day, is a Medical Director in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a Duke University Alumna and Harvard Medical Graduate, she has decided to return to South Florida to serve her community and wants to spread her message: Become active politically, socially and in your community for the change you desire, and don’t abandon your rights, especially the right to vote.

“I have always thought of doctoring as something that occurs both inside and outside of the walls of the exam room – many of the health problems patients come to see me about are a result of larger social issues,” she says. “So, I feel that sharing messages through music that address these issues is a way to affect a larger number of people than I could see one-on-one in my office.”

As a physician on the front lines of battling COVID-19, especially in the current epicenter of South Florida, V. Tiarrá by day is committed to serving her community and patients.

Tiarrá has been featured in countless publications, including but not limited to, The Sun-Sentinel, Medium, The Hype Magazine, and Rive Video. Further, V. Tiarrá partners with Headcount, a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy.

Attend V. Tiarrá’s upcoming Labor Day Weekend event, Year of the Woman: Power Hour Celebration, to celebrate the progress, power and further encouragement needed to support the lives and wellbeing of women of color. It’s a movement… “Batter Up!”

Tiarrá Upcoming Event Dates
9/5/2020 – Year of the Woman: Power Hour Celebration

Tiarrá Bio
Tiarrá came to life in 2018. She found her way back to music after a long break, by first pursuing a career in medicine as a physician. She currently works as a Medical Director practicing in South Florida where she can support her hometown and current community. Music has helped V. Tiarrá heal from illness, and helped her find her true inner voice. Her style is a smart and soulful R&B/hip hop/pop mix. V. Tiarrá loves to write lyrics that reflect on the social conditions of the world, ranging from politics, money, feminism, to love. She was born and raised in South Florida.

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*Caption: R&B fusion artist, V. Tiarrá on set of “Batter Up” music video in South Florida.

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