NEW YORK, N.Y., May 19, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Attacked by the vicious “WannaCry Ransomware” unexpectedly? Lost everything, like valuable files, photos, music, email, system, and even personal privacy information in a moment? Afraid to become the next ransomware victim? EaseUS data recovery software for WannaCry successfully helps over 1,000 users to restore more than 85 percent encrypted documents rapidly from affected Windows machines destroyed by this hacking malware.

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Exploding globally on May 12, 2017, WannaCry Ransomware has already hit over 400,000 PCs/laptops now and spread dramatically across banks, hospitals, schools, telecommunication, organizations and even government departments which abuses a computer vulnerability — an exploit called “EternalBlue” developed by NSA and locks up unpatched or older Windows computers through network and emails — until a ransom of about $300 worth of bitcoins (the ransom doubled on Tuesday) is paid to decrypt documents.

The computer kidnapping is unprecedented in scale in cyberattack history. In widespread hack, a number of victims have no immediate ways to fix WannaCry and would rather pay the ransom to get files back than lose important data forever. However, it’s not the best bet because it’s unclear who is behind the massive attack and not sensible to rely on hackers’ credit.

Of course, many users call for other measures to restore most files without the payment. In recent feedback from infected users, they have tried every possible method to recover encrypted data to fight against such malware, but with little effect before trying the EaseUS data recovery solution that helps to handle such emergency recovery and brings life back to normal.

“It’s a nightmare for us that WannaCry locked computers in our office accidentally. We were all in panic till we have tested EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard solution on encrypted PCs for recovery and it works in some cases. So we use it on all 200 computers to save files from WannaCry virus,” said Xavier Escribano, whose company has been seriously affected by ransomware and already restored 30 percent of its PCs by use of EaseUS data recovery software for Windows.

The file recovery software starts by scanning locked files that have not been damaged, and retrieving any recoverable document from the exposed Windows PC/server without automatic updates. It just involves a few clicks for data recovery from a virus disaster.

Besides, data security professionals point out that something needs to be done soon with older PCs or servers that are connected to the internet while running unpatched before this ransomware virus intensifies. WannaCry should be regarded as a wake-up call for cybersecurity threats. Backing-up system and critical files is no doubt a great and urgent practice now to prevent information hacking.

Additionally, the EaseUS data backup and disaster recovery solution, EaseUS Todo Backup, has protected millions of computers from this “WannaCry Ransomware.” Encrypted files and systems can be easily restored soon directly from all previous backups as long as hard drives or external storage devices are available.

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