NEW YORK, N.Y., Nov. 5, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — EaseUS rises to the challenge in the data backup field and takes a bold plunge into cloud backup or cloud computer backup access in the new Todo Backup 8.9 version as a decent and scalable way to maximize hard disk availability and protect files or programs against disasters.

EaseUS Todo Backup 8.9 version supports file backup to mainstream cloud storage platforms, including Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox. All files or file folders are backed up by full, incremental or differential mode and simultaneously updated to the cloud on schedule. This ground breaking service provides users of privileges the approach to reasonable distribution of information assets and full use of storage capacity on budget for the reason that users only pay for the necessary storage that is actually utilized.

EaseUS backup to cloud enables enterprises, individuals and even service providers to store and backup data or files online through a cloud service. The online storage service just incurs operating expenses rather than capital expenses. Comparing with rivals in the similar fields, Todo Backup v8.9 carries out all cloud backup plans on condition that users has authorized the availability of the cloud account for prevention from information leak.

Cloud storage can be used as natural disaster-proof backup. For prevailing application of cloud storage service in household life, it really worth adding a further level of data security through backing up important files to the cloud at reduced cost.

Backup to cloud relatively associates with cloud storage service. Cloud storage is a mode of data storage in the logical pools and offers an access to data or files from different locations based on highly virtualized infrastructure with little cost for archiving, backup and disaster recovery. At the heart of cloud technology, uploading backup results to the cloud seamlessly and syncing files across the whole network win prevailing popularity for the ease-to-use and cost-effective advantage as a means of data reservation.

In terms of intrinsic function of cloud storage services, EaseUS cloud based backup performs durable data processing tasks without any additional expenses for favorable resource allocation and data safeguard.

Alongside, Todo Backup v8.9, a cloud backup solution, has been paid much research efforts to the availability and accessibility of cloud services back and forth for mission-critical workloads as an integral part of robust image backup and recovery solution on various devices.

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