NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 10, 2016 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — EaseUS officially announces the autumn launch of new Partition Master 11.9. Advanced SSD 4K alignment in the 11.9 version maximizes entire SSD performance and facilitates storage capacity competence of prevailing hard drive. Meanwhile, the 11.9 partition manager software obviously increases the data processing rate of faster SSDs and takes full advantage of hardware when conducting disk partition resizing.

EaseUS Partition Master 11.5
What is the SSD 4K alignment of EaseUS Partition Master 11.9? Traditionally, there is always 512 bytes on a sector of one partition, but it’s quite possible to speed up SSD working speed and maximize the usage of hard disk by formatting to write 4096 bytes into a sector. Thus, reading data on 4K sector is much faster than on physical 512 byte sector size. There is no doubt that correctly aligning disk partitions is proper SSD care to extend SSD life and enables one to get the most out of SSD.

A concept must be sure that transferring or copying data/system from PCs or laptops to SSD is based on the underlying hardware structure. If partitions are misaligned, the read-write time of cross-partition will be doubled. With the decline on data accessing, the SSD performance degrades a half probably.

EaseUS 11.9 partition magic software takes partition alignment much into account during partition resizing, creating, deleting, merging, splitting, and disk clone for the reason that the logical structure of any storage devices of large capacity especially SSD cannot be overlooked in order to ensure optimal partition or hard drive performance and keep PC running at its best.

Besides, disk partition alignment checking is also important after any repartition operation that the partition after being formatted will be 4K aligned by default when system is updated to Windows 7 or later version.

EaseUS Partition Master 11.9 migrates OS to SSD with correct 4K alignment to make it certain that the new operating system can run as well as before without performance loss on SSD intrinsic feature. To some degree, that’s a huge progress in hard drive capacity improvement.

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