NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 28, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — EaseUS Coolphone ( is designed for android mobile device users to fix phone overheating problems and save battery power. Based on its effective phone cooling function and clean UI design, Coolphone received “a hit” response from the android market after its release in late September, 2014. Moreover, the “Smart Controller” function for ultimate battery saving – a feature Coolphone first innovated – garnered great popularity for this free android app, especially in the U.S., Germany and Taiwan.

In this new version of Coolphone (1.1), we improved the UI design and simplified user interaction, making Coolphone become more irresistible for heavy phone users.

“Like many of you, I am also a heavy phone user. I know exactly how it feels when playing a hot phone and how annoying when the battery drains too fast. So I need an app that can keep my phone in normal temperature and ensure my battery energy is wisely consumed. This is the idea of Coolphone. And we are striving to make it perfect,” said Jackey Dong, product manager of Easeusapp.

Thus, “Cool phone down” and “Save battery energy” are the key goals that Coolphone is trying to achieve. And we are determined to make Coolphone be the best on above-mentioned two functions.

Following are the features of Coolphone:
* Neatness: Coolphone can close background apps, reclaim storage space, optimize system settings at one tap. Cool down your mobile device to safe temperature with one easy tap.

* Intelligence: With Smart Controller (an innovative feature, only with Coolphone), Coolphone can automatically clear background apps, disable Mobile data connection and turn off Wi-Fi on screen lock.

* Friendliness: Mode Switch function is designed to help users have a quick switch among different battery saving modes. Apart from three common modes (Normal Mode, Super Power Saving Mode and Default Mode), users can also add one or more self-customized modes as well.

* Convenience: The shortcut creation feature is added to control battery consumption in a more convenient way. Users can create shortcut for Tap-to-cool and quick switchers in the home page so they can optimize battery conditions without opening Coolphone over and over again.

Note: Coolphone can perform more thorough phone cooling and battery saving functions on rooted mobile devices.

What’s New:
To make Coolphone more comfortable to use, we have improved the UI and added some user-friendly features to this new version.

1. For more convenience to cool phone down, we added shortcuts to display Tap-to-cool and quick switchers in the android Notification Panel.

2. For better user experience, we add progress percentage display.

3. For easier brightness control, we add a slidebar to manage phone brightness.

Download from Google Play:
Users can download Coolphone as a free app at Google Play.

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About Easeusapp:
Easeusapp’s mission is to provide useful, clean and fresh software, mobile games, mobile apps and solutions to meet demands of innovation in the connected world. With this in mind, every product is developed under the principles of ease-of-use and high-practicality. Our aim to empower every user to freely handle complicated hassles, nurture a better understanding of the ins-and-outs of smart apps, and ultimately to enable any user to easily interact with their digital environments like professionals.

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