NEW YORK, N.Y., Sept. 30, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Easeusapp, the pioneer provider of mobile app and games, releases a brand-new Android app – Coolphone – to resolve a common problem for users: Phone overheats easily. What’s more, it has a significant positive effect on the battery life. Coolphone is designed with clean and simple interface to cool off phone and control it in a safe operating temperature in one tap.

Smartphone, especially those with intelligent hi-tech features are often subject to overheating. Surveys show when smart phones users play games, watch the movie or play music on their phones, users will find that the battery of phone is overheated quickly. As everyone knows, an overheated battery is potential threat, which may damage the battery and even the phone.

Coolphone ( ) offers exclusive features that enable users to decrease phone temperature to healthy conditions. It has every single feature you could possible want in a “cool off” phone app. One tap to significantly cool off your phone and close background app as well as reclaim storage spaces. It is the most effective and simplest way to optimize your phone and keep it in best status.

“There is a real need for smartphone users to control phone temperature. Overheated phones are so common, especially Android phones. More and more users consider temperature and battery life priority when they evaluate phones,” said Yulong Dong, Senior Product Manager of Coolphone. “Our app aims to make the phone in the best condition with monitoring temperature and diagnose it all the time. Besides, various intelligent functions are uniquely designed for users convenience.”

Highlights of Coolphone:
* One tap to cool: one tap to automatically close apps, optimize background settings and increase available storage, thus can cool your phone in safe temperature.
* Save power: shut down apps that drain battery life.
* Intelligent Scenes: phone settings in locked screen mode, including: WiFi, Mobile Data and apps.
* Modes switch: Easily schedule Normal/Super/My modes to optimize power consumption. Plus, users can create customized modes for personal preference.
* Shortcuts: Simple and quick to set one-tap-cool and switcher to turn on/off settings.

Download from Google Play:
Users can download Coolphone as a free app at Google Play.

Learn more details:

About Easeusapp:
Easeusapp’s mission is to provide useful, clean and fresh software, mobile games, mobile apps and solutions to meet demands of innovation in the connected world. With this in mind, every product is developed under the principles of ease-of-use and high-practicality. Our aim to empower every user to freely handle complicated hassles, nurture a better understanding of the ins-and-outs of smart apps, and ultimately to enable any user to easily interact with their digital environments like professionals.

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