NEW YORK, N.Y., Sept. 9, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — EyeBuyDirect has partnered with the wellness experts at Chillhouse NYC to curate a collection of fashion forward eyewear that offers blue-light-blocking lenses to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of digital blue light.

EyeBuyDirect - Hepburn in Translucent
*PHOTO CAPTION: EyeBuyDirect Hepburn in Translucent.

“Digital screens are major sources of blue light, specifically the kind of blue light our bodies use to regulate sleep. So, whenever we use our digital devices, especially late into the night, we’re actually telling our brains to keep our bodies awake,” said Caroline Dubreuil, Product Marketing Manager for EyeBuyDirect. “Research shows that wearing light-blocking glasses three to four hours before bedtime can lead to better and more restful sleep, which in turn keeps us healthy and productive.”

Research also indicates long-term exposure to screen light can have some intense serious side effects: headaches, disorientation, and loss of sleep in the short term, and fatigue and eye health issues in the long term. Blue-light-blocking glasses can help keep your vision healthy and focused.

The Collection Story
The new Chillhouse-curated collection from EyeBuyDirect features trend-forward shapes and lustrous colors that make wearing blue-light-blocking eyewear a pleasure. The collection combines the latest technology with the latest styles to “Stay Chill in the Digital World.”

“We opened Chillhouse to be a destination for modern self-care, and we have built our business and our lifestyle brand on how to practice self-care every day,” said Cyndi Ramirez-Fulton, Founder of Chillhouse. “Recently, we started hearing more about the harmful effects of blue light. We are, in part, a digital company, but there’s a reason people warn against too much screen time – research indicates it could be bad for your eyes and your overall wellness. Thanks to EyeBuyDirect, Team Chill got to try some blue-light-blocking lenses for ourselves and we were blown away. We were less tired, had fewer headaches and felt better overall.”

Chillhouse NYC
“That’s why we were eager to partner with EyeBuyDirect to curate and launch this collection of fashion-forward frames with blue-light-blocking lenses,” continued Ramirez-Fulton. “We selected frames that made us feel calm, cool and collected. Plus, they’re super affordable, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of blue-light protection.”

“We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Chillhouse,” said Sunny Jiang, Chief Executive Officer of EyeBuyDirect. “Their mission for modern self-care aligns beautifully with our mission of eye care for everyone, making fashionable eyewear affordable.”

EBDBLUE and SightRelax lenses can be ordered with any of the frames at and include scratch-resistant and anti-glare coatings and UV protection. SightRelax lenses also feature reading-enhancement technology. All frames on the site are available for prescription and non-prescription lenses.

Eyewear in the Chillhouse collection starts at just $44 for a complete pair, including frames and EBDBLUE lenses.

EyeBuyDirect and chillhouse
Full collection can be found here or at

Collection Lookbook is also available for additional information, styles and pricing:

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Caption: Hepburn in Translucent. 
Caption: Chillhouse NYC. 

News Source: EyeBuyDirect