LOS ANGELES, Calif., Aug. 24, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — FineShare is an intelligent software company that offers innovative solutions to enhance multimedia experiences for individuals and businesses. In July, FineShare launched Online Voice Changer which is based on AI Voice Cloning technology. This month, FineShare is proud to introduce FineShare Singify, an innovative and free AI song cover generator that aims to redefine music creation and provide an unprecedented carnival for music lovers.

FineShare Singify
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FineShare Singify can help you make your singing voice sound like a professional’s and create high-quality covers within seconds. Whether you want to create, parody, entertain, or seek some nostalgic feelings, there’s always a way to express yourself through music.

Jared Dun, CEO and co-founder of FineShare said, “FineShare Singify’s launch marks our continuous innovation in the AI Voice field. We are committed to providing music lovers with a new, free creation pattern that allows them to express themselves in a simpler and more convenient way.”

FineShare Singify provides multiple simple and convenient ways of making AI song covers:

1 – Song search: Find any song within the app and create song covers with one click, no threshold for creation.

2 – Audio file upload: Upload your favorite song, and AI will automatically convert it to the desired singing voice.

3 – Real-time recording: Utilize the built-in record function to transform your voice into song covers instantly without hassle.

Besides that, FineShare Singify boasts more features waiting for you to explore:

  • A Vivid and Realistic Voice Model Library

FineShare Singify comes with 100+ built-in voice models of various styles, including singers, rappers, celebrities, and characters. These voice models are well-trained for realistic effects, providing the best song covers that are almost indistinguishable from archetypes.

  • Regular Updates and Expansions

FineShare Singify will regularly update its voice model library to offer more diversified choices. Whether you prefer classics or popular hits, FineShare Singify gives you infinite motivation for creating music.

  • A Music Assistant for Long-term Usage

Another unique part of FineShare Singify is the free AI song cover feature, which makes music creation accessible to everyone. Music lovers can fully unleash creativity and make their own music works.

Dun added, “FineShare Singify is set to usher in a new era of music creation. Both professionals and amateurs can easily explore the unlimited possibilities of music with it. Let’s move onto the music journey brought by FineShare Singify together!”


FineShare Singify is a web-based application that works on mainstream browsers like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox across Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.






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Jared Dun, CEO and co-founder

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