AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 12, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Rejuvatek Medical Inc., launches the first Tatt2Away ( non laser tattoo removal system in the state of Texas. Zulu Tattoo Studio of Austin has come on board with the company to offer to all its clientele certified tattoo removal as the first Tatt2Away Center in the state. Bringing into their high quality of service and products, the all natural system.

Their approach to Zulu Tattoo in Austin as well as in their Los Angeles location, is all about the relationship with the client. The tattooing isn’t done with just anyone. The philosophical and spiritual perspective that Zulu and his studios bring to the process attracts the audience seeking that more meaningful experience. The Austin studio, in particular, walks their clients through the consultative, creative, pre-needle and ink methods before anyone sits in that tattoo lounger in the office.

“We started researching,” Khani Zulu said, “all the other technologies for removal and we found Tatt2Away.” This non-laser, all natural system is a perfect fit. “We look to bring to out clients what’s most healthy and natural,” continued Khani, “and Tatt2Away adds to that and the high quality on the levels we are used to offering.” When asked about the options, Khani mentioned, “The options now with Tatt2Away are unlimited, and our clients’ choices innumerable. Both the artist and the client can now figure out the puzzle without any obstacles in the way.”

That is what Tatt2Away does! It helps when it comes to tattooing’s available options. “We are looking forward to this added service, to assist more clients in gaining that relationship with us,” concluded Khani, “and getting them their desired tattoos.”

Rejuvatek Medical is placing around the nation Tatt2Away systems offering a limited exclusivity to those tattoo studios that see the opportunity first and act on it. For more information, go to or contact Rejuvatek Medical, Inc. at 855-252-2929 or submit a request form from the web site.

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Rejuvatek Medical, Inc.

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