STILLWATER, Okla., June 16, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — HostBridge® Technology, provider of high-performance integration and optimization software for IBM® z Systems™, announces HostBridge Redis® for z/OS®. The product makes Redis – the in-memory NoSQL data store at the heart of today’s ultra-scalable cloud and mobile apps – available for the first time on the platform powering leading enterprises worldwide.

These organizations can use HostBridge Redis to meet the exploding demand for data via mobile and cloud far more efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

“Customers tell us they need solutions that address their big market drivers – cloud architectures embracing z/OS assets, mobile data access, and end-to-end analytics,” says Russ Teubner, HostBridge CEO. “HostBridge Redis meets these demands with the technology used by many of today’s top innovators. HostBridge Redis will be a modernizing extension to transaction processing systems such as CICS® and IMS™, and traditional database systems such as DB2® and VSAM™.”

He adds, “Using HostBridge Redis, customers can share their system of record data with applications on any platform, inside or outside the enterprise, at lightning speed, and with unparalleled scalability. They will add value to their traditional data systems while reducing processing costs.”

Built on the latest Redis code base, HostBridge Redis includes capabilities that deliver significant benefits:
* In-memory data caching permits much faster request/response processing than traditional databases
* Advanced key-value store (allowing complex values of up to 512 MB) provides more flexible data structures to transcend the limitations of relational or hierarchical models
* Data persistence yields dependability, scalability, fault tolerance, and ACID compliance
* Asynchronous master-slave and publish-subscribe replication enables ultra-scalability and automated data sharing in near-real time across any platform
* High availability ensures near-100-percent uptime.

HostBridge Redis for z/OS can run on the IBM general purpose processor or the z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP). Customers running Redis on the specialty engine will further reduce processing costs and gain even greater value. HostBridge Technology is licensed by IBM to run its software on the zIIP.

To discuss HostBridge Redis, contact HostBridge at 866-965-2427 or For more information, visit

About HostBridge Technology:
HostBridge Technology provides high-performance, high-precision integration and optimization software for IBM® z Systems™ and CICS®. Using our patented products, customers integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed, optimize z Systems performance, reduce the cost of mainframe ownership, and improve information-driven business processes. Founded in 2000, HostBridge Technology has built a reputation for meeting the toughest challenges with the simplest, most flexible solutions and counts many of the largest companies in the world as loyal customers.

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