LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 14, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Jordan Etem Networks is a global leader in technological convergence for more adaptive and intelligent systems. Risks are around us all the time, says founder Jordan Etem. We are warned of risk all the time. Science is a reliable indicator of risk.

Jordan Etem
“When risk materializes, it can cause a convergence of problems to occur,” says Etem. “It is vital to address the convergence of problems that are occurring. In order for solutions to work as intended, leading to breakthrough progress, solutions must be sustainable for enduring effectiveness. Jordan Etem Networks leads on convergence, leads on sustainability, and is able to dynamically address converging problems for enduring improvement.”

What are the main converging problems emerging now? Healthcare systems needing stronger foundations, economies of scale dealing with major supply chain vulnerabilities, fiscal challenges impacting the labor market and government sustainability, an education system that is struggling to meet the needs of students, food shortages and humanitarian challenges that threaten the livelihoods of millions of people in developing countries. Technology and financial markets running away from the labor market. A real estate market in crisis because human behavior has radically changed during the pandemic.

Jordan Etem Networks is dedicated to accelerating improvements to solve converging problems that adversely impact every business, every community, every system worldwide. Through convergence, Jordan Etem Networks has the ability to streamline breakthrough solutions, factoring in every foundational system for inclusion and rapid progress. With a strong presence in 23 cities and regions worldwide, Jordan Etem Networks leverages computer science, advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to unify and strengthen neural networks for breakthrough innovation and stronger communities. Jordan Etem Networks goes beyond theoretical application and has a strong and central presence for enduring and long-lasting systemic improvements.

“The rate of change due to technological progress has accelerated past what standard modes of operation can manage effectively. Vision and leadership is needed for personalization, for rapid decision making, and breakthrough development. Empowering leadership that can build more adaptive communities is needed now more than ever before,” says Etem.

Collective Intelligence is now a matter of national security and economic prosperity. Collaborative systems, collaborative strategies, and collaborative leadership that can improve collective intelligence in real time is capable of dramatically improving people’s lives and strengthening the economic engine for the long-term. Jordan Etem Networks is paving the way for radical improvements to digital and physical infrastructure worldwide bringing on-board the most trusted technology companies, leadership in the public and private sector, to build converging solutions that fit the new market realities for economic resilience and strength.

About Jordan Etem Networks:

Jordan Etem Networks is globally connected, reaching millions of people worldwide, with strong platform leadership that can deliver multi-faceted solutions to address the convergence of problems threatening global stability worldwide. Jordan Etem Networks shape markets for greater inclusion, for enhanced vision and improved personalization so systems emerge stronger from the ground up.

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