AUSTIN, Texas, March 16, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE)  — Pure MHC, LLC, a target discovery and development company, today announced the launch of its Peptide HLA Immunotherapy Data Resource (“PHIDR”), built through its collaboration with a trusted provider of transplant solutions and a leader in regenerative medicine, LifeNet Health.

pure MHC and LifeNet Health

The PHIDR healthy tissue database and repository will guide T Cell Receptor (TCR)-based immune therapy development to disease-specific targets by enabling developers to identify HLA/peptide complex targets found on healthy tissues. By screening potential target candidates against PHIDR, developers can confidently select, qualify, and focus efforts on those biomarker targets that minimize off-target or bystander effects.

The PHIDR database is representative of the full healthy human immunopeptidome as it includes HLA/peptide complexes expressed on multiple tissue samples from all over the body, with a focus on the vital organs. In addition to the peptide database, PHIDR includes a repository of matched cryopreserved tissue samples that enable complimentary orthogonal target validation techniques, including proteomics-based target quantification, genomics, and transcriptomics, on an as-needed basis.

For nearly 40 years, LifeNet Health has advanced medicine through the life-changing power of organ and tissue donation. Thanks to selfless donors, scientific discovery is advanced.

LifeNet Health LifeSciences has accelerated preclinical research and discovery through its growing portfolio of primary human cells and biospecimens for solutions that expedite research and allow the scientific community to develop and enhance new, safe therapies and medical breakthroughs.

“We are excited to offer access to the PHIDR database and repository to collaborators through our Pure MHC Solutions contract research arm,” said Pure MHC President Kris Looney. “We could not have successfully built this resource without our collaborators at LifeNet Health. To be able to develop such a valuable resource for therapeutic development aligns nicely with LifeNet Health’s mission to help patients live longer, healthier, and enjoy more active lives.”

“We are proud to partner with Pure MHC and congratulate them on achieving success in their research efforts. Thanks to selfless donors, LifeNet Health is able to offer partners more than 40 types of biospecimens for research with over 200 protocols in place to meet the individual needs of researchers advancing scientific discovery,” said Louis Dias, Vice President and General Manager of LifeNet Health LifeSciences. “The LifeNet Health LifeSciences team provides access to rare patient disease populations and enables researchers to unlock discoveries faster and with greater precision — offering the hope of new therapies to patients in need.”

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