RENTON, Wash., Dec. 2, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — It’s no secret that both the COVID-19 pandemic and the volume of unemployment is still causing a disturbing amount of damage across Washington state. According to Trusted Plumbing and Heating, as homeowners continue to need plumbing services, companies are struggling to find workers to get on the job sites. One job in particular, Directional Drilling Services, is in high demand, and not all companies have the tools required to get these jobs done.

Trusted Plumbing and Heating

Trusted Plumbing and Heating, a family-owned plumbing company serving the greater Renton community, recently sent out hundreds of handwritten letters to plumbing businesses across King, Pierce and Thurston County. In the letter, Trusted offers to assist with plumbing jobs that require directional drilling and horizontal boring, knowing that their help will be a big value to these businesses.

“We’re lucky to have our drill. It’s made underground drilling jobs much less invasive for homeowners,” says owner Jim Cunningham. “If we’re able to affordably rent out our services to other local plumbers, it’s a triple win – great for the homeowners, valuable for us, and helpful for the companies who need a drill.”

Directional drilling is the practice of drilling non-vertical bores – with minimal destruction to property. Also referred to as ‘directional boring,’ or ‘horizontal boring,’ it also decreases the environmental impact of traditional drilling. These tools are valuable not just to plumbers, but to contractors, electricians, and construction companies.

If you’re a plumber, contractor or an electrician who needs directional drilling services, don’t hesitate to reach out to Trusted Plumbing and Heating at, or call (206) 231-5008 to learn more.

News Source: Trusted Plumbing and Heating