PROVO, Utah, Jan. 18, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Simplifile, a leading provider of real estate document and data collaboration and recording technologies for lenders, settlement agents, and counties, today announced the integration of its Collaboration and Post Closing services with LendingQB, a provider of 100 percent web browser-based, end-to-end mortgage loan origination software.

Through the integration, LendingQB users can create loan records to initiate data and document sharing with settlement providers, collaborate and exchange Closing Disclosure data with settlement agents, communicate in real time and gain immediate insight into any changes made by settlement.

“In today’s lending environment, it is critical that lenders be able to seamlessly share data between loan production, settlement and all other key parties,” said Tim Nguyen, president of LendingQB. “This partnership with Simplifile enables users to ensure that changes made by settlement agents are immediately updated in the loan file.”

Simplifile Collaboration enables lenders to work directly with their settlement partners to share, receive, and validate documents and data by providing a platform for collaborating on fee data, documents, and transaction details, while Simplifile Post Closing informs lenders automatically on the recording status of documents and delivers the final title policy and fee data electronically, thus closing the loop on the entire mortgage transaction. With this integration, LendingQB users gain visibility into settlement agent processes while creating an auditable track record of all loan changes, updates, deficiencies and status within a single system.

“When lenders are more connected to their settlement partners, the mortgage closing process becomes much smoother, and there is a demonstrable effect on reducing the errors and miscommunications that can lead to compliance errors,” said Simplifile President Paul Clifford. “Even before TRID, keeping the LOS and title production data in sync was a huge challenge, and there has been a persistent need for this type of transparency, which hasn’t been available until now. Simplifile Collaboration and Post Closing create an environment where lenders and settlement agents can work together and communicate in real time to execute closing documents in a more efficient and compliant manner.”

More than 17,000 settlement companies already use Simplifile to e-record documents in 1,500+ counties and jurisdictions across the nation, making it easy for lenders to connect seamlessly to their existing settlement partners and be operational almost immediately.

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About Lending QB:
LendingQB® is a provider of Lean Lending solutions. The Lean Lending solution consists of a 100 percent web browser-based, end-to-end loan residential mortgage origination system, best of breed integrations with key industry partners and ‘adoptimization’ services that result in faster cycle times and lower costs per loan. For more information, please call 888.285.3912 or visit

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About Simplifile:
Simplifile, the nation’s largest e-recording network, was founded in 2000 to connect settlement agents and county recorders via its e-recording service. Today Simplifile has broadened its services to include collaboration tools and post-closing visibility for mortgage lenders and settlement agents working together on real estate documents. Through Simplifile, users can securely record, share, and track documents, data, and fees with ease.

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