NEW YORK, N.Y., March 4, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Lauren Goodall, Psychologist, author of “Bipolar is not an STD” (ISBN: 978-1089401507), is pleased by the strong interest, relatability, and response that have been triggered by her book. Goodall attributes sales of the self-help book to her ability to deliver and connect with her audience. She is currently organizing dates/times/locations for discussion series and signings.

Dr. Goodall - Bipolar is NOT an STD
Goodall states, “If you follow current economic events, then you become quickly aware that any little bit of information or misinformation can get airtime, and can cause a real knee jerk reaction with investors. With investors and consumers alike, no one appreciates misinformation, intended or unintended. Bad information is always in line first to get exploited. And, not surprisingly, a catastrophic domino effect follows closely behind.”

Dr. Goodall explains, “I wrote the book, ‘Bipolar IS Not An STD’ to help make breakthroughs for better understanding what mood disorders are, where they come from (generally not where people are thinking), and getting rid of useless, exploitive information. Pieces of truth mixed with fiction, that’s the birthmother of stigma. Stigma never helped anyone, kind of like that relative that shows up for holiday, they don’t bring anything, and they complain that the food is too hot, too cold, or not cooked right. Stigma is the unwelcome visitor that basically just gets in the way.”

Goodall further states that stigma becomes the creaky door to the dark tunnel of the underground. In the mental health field, the dark underground becomes the masses who don’t get help because they don’t want any association with judgment. In Goodall’s book, she says, “I take judgment and fear out of the equation, and replace it with usable and understandable information.”

“I’m not a fan of misdiagnosis, and mood disorders and Bipolar are often misdiagnosed, which often puts them with less effective medications and treatment options.”

Watch for upcoming dates for Dr. Goodall’s discussion and upcoming book signings.

“Bipolar is not an STD,” is currently released and available in softcover thru Amazon. Also, all major book and E-book retailers. Dr. Goodall is available for interviews and lectures by contacting her via her Email:

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