LOS ANGELES, Calif., April 29, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — As a celebration of National Zipper Day, The World’s Original Zipper Company is poised to disrupt the apparel and accessory market with its latest invention and add another reason to celebrate the day that changed our lives forever. Talon International Inc. is excited to unveil a revolutionary zipper to the industry. This one-of-a-kind product was designed with the cutting-edge technology you have come to expect from the company that invented the zipper.

Talon Character Zip
Introducing the Character Zip. The next gen in zippers. A sophisticated, yet powerful way for consumers to display brand loyalty. A new concept for kids to show-off their favorite animated characters, fans to indulge in their sports obsessions and a fresh way to flaunt bling on a garment. And that is just the beginning…

The proprietary design of the Character Zip makes it easy to use. The traditional zipper pull is replaced with an intuitively engineered mechanism that meets all the strength and compliance requirements but functions differently than a standard zipper.

What makes the Character Zip so unique? The zipper pull is crafted in the shape of a character. From a beloved superhero, to a favorite sports team, to the shape of a heart. Picture your favorite Disney Avengers character, a popular emoji, a top NFL Draft player Jersey, or your corporate logo. The possibilities are endless. Now an inspired way to get fresh branding on a zipper, this groundbreaking product has huge market potential for toy licensing, character licensing, sports marketing and creating brand awareness in general.

Application wise…anywhere an existing zipper is used is an opportunity for Character Zip. This fresh construction can be applied to clothing such as, jackets and zip-up sweatshirts, bags and backpacks.

This is a breakthrough idea for a new customer experience and an excellent opportunity for brands to showcase their properties. We KNOW the massive appeal of Character Zip will activate the best minds in the biz to rise up with us for blockbuster success. Be the first to market with this state-of-the-art product.

*Due to the uniqueness of their creation, Talon International Inc. has protected this innovation with the appropriate patents and all other intellectual property.

For more information on Character Zips, see their website https://taloninternational.com/characterzippers/

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News Source: Talon International Inc