EDGEWOOD, Md., May 29, 2015 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Evolved Body Art is now offering the Tatt2Away® non-laser tattoo modification system, with its DEScoverup process, according to Rejuvatek Medical, Inc. of Sandy, Utah. Each piece of tattoo art can be memorable for better – and for worse. And when it becomes “for the worst” many choose to cover it up.

Chad Miskimon and Brandis Pratt, owners of Evolved Body Art, searched for cutting edge methods to assist their clients in changing existing art that they no longer wanted. They found Tatt2Away – www.tatt2away.com – and the DEScoverup process. Tatt2Away, the non-laser removal system has introduced DEScoverup as a way to “reduce to cover” in order to modify a tattoo for a more desired cover up tattoo.

“Our business, in large portion,” Chad said, “is cover ups and we wanted to offer to our people to the painful and expensive lasering choices.” DEScoverup’s process allows there to be no limits in what you can have to cover up an unwanted tattoo.

“Clients can now be more excited to get exactly what they want,” added Brandis. Utilizing Tatt2Away’s DEScoverup, Evolved Body Arts can pinpoint precisely the undesired ink or pigment. You can keep in-house the results and outcomes wanted.

Twenty-three percent of Americans, or close to 70 million, have a tattoo and about 8 million of those wish they could remove or cover it up, according to a recent Pew Research report. Which is why up to 50 percent of a tattoo studio’s current revenue is derived from cover-ups, or covering an existing tattoo with a new one.

Contact Chad or Brandis at Evolved Body Art at 410-736-2658 or chadmiskimon@yahoo.com for specifics of treatments, cost and time to completion in the Edgewood, Md. area.

Rejuvatek Medical is placing only a few Tatt2Away systems per city, offering a limited exclusivity to those studios that see the opportunity first and act on it. For more information, go to http://www.Tatt2Away.com/ or call Jack Savage at 855-252-2929

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News issued by: Rejuvatek Medical, Inc.

Rejuvatek Medical, Inc.

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