NEW YORK, N.Y., Feb. 2, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Taylor Wilshire and the Wilshire Foundation will receive the Global Excellence Award (GEA) from the Consortium of International Social and Financial Responsibility (CISFR) on February 15, 2021. This award highlights the Wilshire Foundation’s outstanding achievements, advancements, and innovations in international business and global affairs.

The Wilshire Foundation

It recognizes excellence in senior leadership and effective and responsive public administration in countries worldwide. Members of the CISFR include the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, International Conscious Capital, and the Environmental Protection Agency.

During a time when most financial institutions have been paralyzed by the COVID crisis, the Wilshire Foundation has been receiving unexpected praise and funding that will expand its sustainable, innovative, and award-winning programs and projects. Inspired by the tenets of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the foundation’s cutting-edge financial structures are a byproduct of a partnership with the United Nations and have put them in the spotlight of companies to watch.

“Instead of feeling blindsided by this pandemic, we decided to roll up our sleeves, build on our formula for success. We are humbled by the generosity of our strategic partners as they generously support projects that reshape the world by focusing on real solutions,” Wilshire said.

The Wilshire Foundation’s sustainable development goals and financial models offer an effective and flexible way to address conflict, human rights issues, poverty, inequality, climate change and environmental degradation around the world while providing returns that are reinvested in the foundation’s programs.

“Infrastructure investments will influence and benefit everyone. When we increase the wealth of the lower and middle classes, there is no need to tax and destroy the assets of the wealthy,” explained Wilshire.

The Wilshire Foundation also recognizes that international trade can be an engine for inclusive economic growth and poverty reduction that contributes to sustainable development while being an important source of income for both the private and public sector in developing countries.

“Financial services markets of the future will largely be shaped by organizations that are able to anticipate tomorrow while delivering on the priorities of today. They are the ones turning the COVID-19 experience into an opportunity to build the capabilities required to thrive in the new reality,” Wilshire further stated.

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News Source: Wilshire Foundation