LOS ANGELES, Calif., June 12, 2024 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Scientology Network’s DOCUMENTARY SHOWCASE, the weekly series providing a platform for independent filmmakers to air films on important social, cultural and environmental issues, presents the documentary “The Trouble With Wolves.”

Documentary Showcase: The Trouble With Wolves
Image caption: The reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park ignites a heated clash between conservationists and ranchers.

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The Trouble With Wolves recounts the story of wolves being reintroduced in the wilds of Yellowstone National Park. After being hunted to near extinction, the wolves’ reintroduction sees them prospering and growing in numbers. But their success ignites a bitter clash between conservationists and ranchers, who stand to lose livestock as well as their livelihoods.

Directed by Collin Monda, The Trouble With Wolves tells how the iconic species, once exterminated from the lower 48 states, made a triumphant return to Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding areas. A favorite for sightseers and environmentalists, the return of the wolf is hailed as “the greatest animal conservation success in human history.” However, the impact on those affected monetarily by the wolves’ return brings unexpected complications resulting in heated confrontations and a search for yet more solutions.


Collin Monda is an award-winning director and filmmaker from the Pacific Northwest. The Trouble With Wolves is Collin’s debut feature documentary and the spark of a personal passion for coexistence in all forms. Five years in the making, and with the goal of showing a truly balanced point of view, Collin followed the truth to the center of the divide to create this story about the iconic apex predator.


Fundamental to Scientology is a humanitarian mission that extends to some 200 nations with programs for human rights, human decency, literacy, morality, drug prevention and disaster relief. For this reason, the Scientology Network provides a platform for independent filmmakers who embrace a vision of building a better world.

DOCUMENTARY SHOWCASE debuts films weekly from award-winning independent filmmakers whose goal is to improve society by raising awareness of social, cultural and environmental issues.

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Photo caption: The reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone National Park ignites a heated clash between conservationists and ranchers.



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