ATLANTA, Ga., April 6, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Top of Mind Networks (Top of Mind) today announced the debut of a bidirectional data connection between Surefire, the number-one platform for automated mortgage marketing, and Salesforce, the world’s most popular enterprise CRM. The connection gives mortgage lenders unprecedented choice and control over the way information is shared between their enterprise CRM and mortgage marketing technologies.

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Salesforce is not required to reap the benefits of Surefire, which offers native CRM capabilities. However, Top of Mind’s tie-in with Salesforce Lightning Connect helps banks, credit unions and independent mortgage companies that have already invested in Salesforce maximize the effectiveness of their marketing programs by playing to the unique strengths of each platform.

“For an enterprise-class lender, there’s no better CRM than Salesforce — and there’s no better mortgage marketing automation tool than Surefire,” said Top of Mind Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer Erik Enright. “We’ve made it easy for lenders to leverage the best of both systems and tailor the experience to the exact way they do business.”

Top of Mind’s connection with Salesforce comes pre-configured with default mapping to Salesforce data fields, making it easy to use out of the box. By adjusting a few simple toggles, lenders can specify exactly what data should be shared between systems, which direction the data should flow and when it should be pushed. For instance, lenders may wish to share just leads and contacts, or they may choose to share tasks, events, emails, and phone call records. Records can be shared as they are created, or they can be shared every time they’re updated. Lenders can even create and share custom data fields.

“We built this connection to give mortgage lenders choice and control over the way Salesforce and Surefire work together — without the need to hire a six-figure developer or consultant,” said Enright. “Whether loan originators log into both systems or only use one system of record, the data flow can be adjusted to suit.”

Lenders that use Salesforce Sales Cloud to manage leads and customers can turn on Top of Mind’s marketing automation workflows to engage contacts with dynamic content designed to win new business, earn repeat business and deserve referral business. If a company prefers to build its customer journeys with Salesforce Marketing Cloud instead of Surefire, it can still make its marketing automation more impactful with Top of Mind’s award-winning content. And whether a lender uses Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or both, its marketing program can be greatly enhanced by the application of Top of Mind’s Blueprints for Success, a set of mortgage marketing best practices informed by the team’s more than 450 years of mortgage industry experience.

For more information about Top of Mind’s connection with Salesforce, request a demo.

About Top of Mind Networks:

Founded in 2003, Atlanta-based Top of Mind Networks ( ) started as a bootstrapped direct-mail marketing company. Today, the company is recognized as the mortgage industry’s most-relied-upon provider of marketing automation and creative content solutions. From individuals to enterprise lenders, Top of Mind’s SurefireCRM helps thousands of mortgage professionals win new business, earn repeat business and deserve referral business. With intuitive, “set it and forget it” workflows and award-winning content, mortgage professionals can effortlessly maintain and deepen their emotional connections with clients.

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