ATLANTA, Ga., Dec. 15, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Top of Mind Networks (Top of Mind), a leader in customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation software for the mortgage lending industry, has partnered with Sales Boomerang, the industry’s top-rated automated borrower intelligence and retention system, to help loan originators uncover new business opportunities and significantly outperform customer retention benchmarks by responding rapidly to loan opportunities as they arise.

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Sales Boomerang notifies mortgage lenders the moment an unqualified lead becomes qualified — for instance, when a prospect’s FICO score improves, when a borrower could reduce their mortgage payment or pay off debt by refinancing, or when a consumer’s credit activity indicates they may be shopping for a mortgage. Lenders can define the criteria for a triggering event at the enterprise or individual loan originator (LO) level. Prescriptive scenarios make it effortless for loan originators to understand and capitalize on opportunities they would otherwise lose to competitors, delivering an average 20 to 30% lift in loan volume.

The newly announced integration embeds Sales Boomerang directly inside Top of Mind’s Surefire CRM, the most popular CRM and marketing automation platform in the mortgage industry. Surefire’s award-winning technology can be used to deliver timely reminders to LOs to follow up on the opportunities presented by Sales Boomerang. Alternatively, lenders can use Surefire to automatically deploy context-specific marketing campaigns to consumers on behalf of LOs, ensuring opportunities are never overlooked.

“As refi volume declines in 2021, lenders will need to nurture existing relationships to stay competitive in a purchase market,” said Top of Mind VP of Sales Nick Belenky. “Together, Surefire’s CRM and marketing automation platform and Sales Boomerang’s automated borrower intelligence and retention system act as a powerful client retention force that empowers lenders to establish themselves as an indispensable partner in the homeownership journey.”

“The lending industry is notorious for its abysmally low average customer retention rate; eighty percent of borrowers will take out their next loan with a different lender than the one they used previously,” said Sales Boomerang CEO Alex Kutsishin. “Helping banks, credit unions and independent mortgage lenders beat those odds — often retaining as high as 65% or more of past customers — is at the core of everything we do.”

About Top of Mind Networks:

Founded in 2003, Atlanta-based Top of Mind Networks ( started as a bootstrapped direct-mail marketing company. Today, the company is recognized as the mortgage industry’s most-relied-upon provider of marketing automation and creative content solutions. From individuals to enterprise lenders, Top of Mind’s SurefireCRM helps thousands of mortgage professionals win new business, earn repeat business and deserve referral business. With intuitive, “set it and forget it” workflows and award-winning content, mortgage professionals are able to effortlessly maintain and deepen their emotional connections with clients.

About Sales Boomerang:

Sales Boomerang revolutionized the relationship between a Mortgage Lender and Borrower with the introduction of the only automated Borrower Intelligence System in 2017, which tells lenders when anyone in their database is ready for a loan. Today, Sales Boomerang is the #1 Borrower Retention strategy in the industry and has discovered over $30B in new volume for Lenders. Sales Boomerang’s notifications are integrated with the best CRM/Marketing Automation Systems in the industry to provide a seamless experience for Lenders and Borrowers. Sales Boomerang’s employees are dedicated to improving the lending experience for Lenders and Borrowers, and united behind the ethos – No Borrower Left Behind™.

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