NEW YORK, N.Y., May 1, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Between snowstorms and holiday travel, the winter months may seem the most logical time to buy travel insurance, however according to, spring and summer present just as many potential travel issues that travel insurance can help address. In fact, more than half of all flight delays each year happen in the summer.
Some key factors that can wreak havoc on a perfectly planned summer vacation include:

  • Hurricane season starts June 1; excessive heat makes it harder for planes to both take off and land; and afternoon thunderstorms are common across much of the country.
  • Increased Congestion. More people traveling means greater risk of travel delays and travel interruptions, and with full flights, it’s harder to get booked on the next flight out. This congestion can also increase the likelihood of baggage delays and lost or stolen luggage.
  • More active vacations. During the summer months, hiking, biking, boating and a whole host of other activities can lead to more injuries while on the road.

“For many travelers, a summer vacation is something they save up for all year, and protecting this investment is a wise move,” said Stan Sandberg, co-founder of “Knowing who and what you need to protect is the key to finding the best travel insurance for your needs, as travel insurance is not a one-size-fits-all purchase. By asking some basic questions, and shopping around for the best policy, travelers can get the right travel protection for their type of vacation — and with coverage in place, all they’ll need to do is focus on having fun.”

To ensure you find the best plan, recommends travelers ask themselves the following questions:

  • What are you trying to protect? Do you want to recover the cost of your trip if something unexpectedly goes wrong and you need to cancel? Do you also want to cover the medical expenses if you fall ill or get injured while traveling? A trip cancellation plan with emergency travel medical and evacuation coverage might be right for you. Do you travel with expensive clothing and gear that would be costly to replace if lost or stolen? If so, it’s wise to purchase additional coverage for your luggage.
  • Where are you going? Is your destination a remote outpost with a single doctor or a big city in the U.S. with state-of-the-art hospitals? A cruise around the Carribean or a European adventure? Emergency medical and evacuation coverage should be considered when traveling internationally or to remote destinations, and cruise-specific coverage is an option for those headed into the open seas.
  • What will you be doing? Is your travel bug more about bungee jumping and SCUBA diving or sitting by the pool at the hotel? Thrill-seekers should look for plans that offer a hazardous sports coverage option.
  • How long will you be gone? Are you escaping for a getaway weekend or an extended months-long tour? Most plans are designed for trips of less than 30 days and are subject to surcharges for every day beyond the plan’s limit.
  • Who are you traveling with? Are you a solo traveler or do you plan to globe-trot with a large group? Did you volunteer to organize your large family reunion? Group travel insurance may be the right option for groups of 10 or more travelers on the same itinerary.

Whatever your type of travel, there is a travel insurance plan that can meet your needs. Comparison sites like offer travelers a way to search, compare and purchase travel insurance from among the most recognizable names in the global travel insurance industry. Comparison shopping gives consumers choice and helps travelers find the right plan at the right price; many plans start at just 4% of the total travel costs for a trip.

“It can be more than frustrating when a painstakingly planned vacation goes unexpectedly wrong, especially when your hard-earned dollars are at risk,” continued Sandberg. “By purchasing the right travel insurance for your summer travel, you can help remove some of the financial pain when a vacation goes awry.”

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