NEW YORK, N.Y., March 2, 2018 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Northeast is getting ready for a powerful nor’easter as Winter Storm Riley is expected to bring coastal flooding, high winds and heavy, wet snow to the area. For travelers whose plans will be impacted by the storm, travel insurance comparison website offers helpful information about coverage for those affected by weather-related delays and cancellations. - Stormy Weather
“This storm comes on a weekend when many families are traveling during school winter breaks,” said Stan Sandberg, co-founder of “A travel insurance plan can help reduce the stress and frustration that comes with big travel delays by reducing the direct hit to your wallet.”

If you purchased a travel insurance policy with “Trip Cancellation,” it most likely includes coverage for extreme weather causing service shutdowns and mandatory evacuations. If you have a plan and need to cancel, you may be eligible for 100 percent reimbursement of your insured trip costs.

Other benefits to check on your travel insurance policy include:

  • Trip delay This type of coverage will provide reimbursement for additional transportation, meals and lodging expenses should your flight get delayed for an extended period of time (more than six hours for most plans) due to weather or carrier mechanical issues. Some plans provide full cancellation coverage if the delays cause you to miss 50 percent or more of your trip.
  • Missed connection This benefit will pay the additional costs of getting you to your final destination if you miss your connection due to a covered reason. Missed connection can be especially valuable to cruise travelers who risk missing their cruise ship’s departure.
  • Baggage loss and delay Baggage loss coverage will help you recover the costs of your valuables in the event your luggage is lost or stolen. But delayed baggage is much more common, especially during busy or disruptive travel times. Baggage delay coverage will cover the cost of some necessities while waiting to receive your luggage after an extended delay.

For all trips, urges consumers to purchase a travel insurance plan early to protect their investments against future storms. Once a storm is named, travel insurance can no longer be purchased to cover that storm.

The only available coverage after a storm has been named is a “Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR)” upgrade, which allows the insured to cancel their trip for any reason but only receive up to 75 percent reimbursement.

In addition, the company recommends carefully reviewing all travel insurance policy documents ahead of time and speaking with a licensed agent to gain full understanding of coverage benefits. For more information and travel tips, visit

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