MONTGOMERY, Ala., Nov 15, 2019 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Venturist®, Incorporated announced today that its new Prometheus Strategy video course is now open for subscription (

Venturist president John Warden
Venturist president John Warden ( explained that the Venturist Prometheus Strategy Process is unique. When he was in the Air Force, he became acutely aware that strategy was the key to success and had to be simple if it was going to be followed and be effective. The Prometheus Process is designed explicitly so that companies and individuals can learn the process and use it to build and execute winning strategies that they understand and to which they are committed.

The Venturist president went on to say that to develop and produce a good strategy, an individual or organization must understand the principles of strategy, use the principles to design for itself a strategic plan, and then ensure that everyone in the organization understands and actively promotes the plan. Venturist and the Prometheus Process help companies foreign and domestic with each of these critical areas.

John Warden noted that Venturist has long taught strategy with its popular 5-day Prometheus Academies ( but regretted that only a limited number of people could take advantage of the live program. Thus, the company developed a comprehensive video program for businesses of all sizes, for non-profits, and for individuals.

The only criterion for enrolling in the Venturist® Prometheus Video Strategy Program ( is a strong desire to create a better future through the magic of strategy.

The Program consists of 21 short lectures on the substance of Prometheus strategy, 18 “How To” videos to demonstrate the methodology of using the Prometheus concepts to build an actual strategy, and four review quizzes.

The program is designed so that a single person or a group can work through it on their own schedule. The Introductory price is $240 a year which can be paid in a lump sum or monthly at $25 per month. For this fee, participants can access all the videos as frequently as desired during the year for which they subscribed. Finally, participants who want additional coaching can make arrangements with Venturist for on-line or in-person consulting sessions.

Venturist, Incorporated ( : Since its founding in 1995, Venturist, Incorporated has helped hundreds of companies, organizations, and individuals improve their business results. Venturist believes that the key to success in any competitive activity, whether war, business, or politics, is strategy. If an organization gets the strategy about right, it will have a high probability of realizing its objectives even if its competitors outmatch it in tactical performance.

When asked about the origins of the Prometheus Process, the company’s founder and president, John A. Warden III, said he conceived and employed key elements of the process when he was an active duty officer in the United States Air Force. His service had ranged from the Vietnam War to the first Gulf War. In the former, he flew almost 300 combat sorties as a Forward Air Controller and in the latter, he was credited by Generals Schwarzkopf and Powell as the architect of the Desert Storm Air Campaign which became the key operation of the conflict.

In between flying and command tours, he earned a master’s degree from Texas Tech University, served in multiple positions on the Air Staff in Washington, D.C., wrote a book, “The Air Campaign,” while a student at the National War College, was a Special Assistant to the Vice President of the United States, and headed the Air Force Command and Staff College. After retiring from the Air Force, he started his company, Venturist, Inc., and made a number of television and radio appearances.

He was cited in several books, including David Halberstam’s “War in a Time of Peace,” General Norman Schwarzkopf’s “It Doesn’t Take a Hero,” John Andreas Olsen’s “John Warden and the Renaissance of American Airpower,” General Colin Powell’s “My American Journey,” and Richard Reynold’s “Heart of the Storm.” He is the co-author of a book on business strategy, “Winning in FastTime,” that is now in its 7th printing

Venturist helps its clients learn, develop, and execute strategy through educational training, on-site assistance programs, and an array of explanatory products.

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