SOUTH LONDONDERRY, Vt., April 17, 2013 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Jamaica Cottage Shop announced this week that it’s not just about sheds and storage spaces anymore…its new line of eco-friendly, tiny houses is getting attention from around the country.

Tiny houses are gaining steam and Jamaica Cottage Shop is offering original designs that are as green as can be. They are recyclable and are built with native Vermont, rough-sawn lumber, hemlock framing, and kiln-dried pine or cedar siding and trim.

“I first got the idea to expand our product line when customers started asking if they could live in these buildings. Why not, I thought?” Domenic Mangano, president and senior designer of Jamaica Cottage Shop, says.

These green living cabins have an array of functional uses. They include, but are not limited to: guest houses, hunting cabins, pottery studios, rental cabins, home offices, starter, retirement and vacation homes.

DIY kits are shipped throughout North America and fully-assembled buildings can ship throughout the northeastern U.S. Square footage of these eco-friendly houses ranges from 120 to 1,200 and prices start at $5,000 and go up to $20,000. Additional fees will depend on specific interior and exterior needs.

“All of our designs are original and that is what really sets us apart from other tiny house manufacturers,” Mangano says. “I get most of my inspiration from Frank Lloyd Wright and I also love Victorian-style houses.”

Mangano explains that after graduating from college, he traveled around the country for four years with his two dogs. During that time, he worked as a carpenter. As a result, he learned a great deal about various types of buildings and post and beam construction. Jamaica Cottage Shop is a place where he is able to showcase those combined skills and knowledge.

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About Jamaica Cottage Shop:
Established in 1995, the Jamaica Cottage Shop is based in Londonderry, Vermont and produces a full line of outdoor storage sheds, outhouses, green living cabins and more. Hand-crafted by Vermont artisans, these buildings are as durable as they are attractive and are built in the post and beam tradition.

– Photo Caption: A green living cabin by Jamaica Cottage Shop is perfect as an office, weekend getaway or guest house. Shown here is the 12 x 20 “Gibraltar.”

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