SAN JUAN, P.R., Dec. 17, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Covid-19 Pandemic has almost entirely destroyed some sectors of the economy, such as hospitality, recreational activities and entertainment events. Musicians, dancers, and artists in general are part of those sectors that today see their economic opportunities reduced to almost zero, says World Dance Group.

Closed academies, concerts and competitions without a probable date for their celebrations, maximum reduction of closed interaction and high probability of contagion without these precautions are some of the causes that have put professional dancers and in training in red numbers, and at risk.

World Dance Group culminates 2020 with LIKE$

Desperate to regain their financial stability, thousands of dancers have made the difficult decision to sacrifice their passion, accepting other ways of life to make it to the end of the month. Today it is not strange to find dancers, world champions in their categories, working as food distributors, UBER drivers, collectors and sellers of renewable products, and as dependents in supermarkets. All respectable jobs and of great value to society, but far away from their true professions.

The World Dance Group, as an organization committed to supporting the thousands of musicians and dancers who bring so much joy to the audience, has decided to implement a whole range of activities to help the sector regain opportunities and revenue. The dance-challenge 2020 based on the LIKE$ innovative platform is their last major activity of 2020.

Converting likes into dollars is a kind of mirage for dancers, a dream that is fun to imagine, but that is not possible, or that was not possible until now, because that’s what It’s all about, uploading a video that you’ve recorded in 2020 with the routine of your choice and with the music genre you like the most, to the official LIKE$ website, to promote it among your friends, get a lot of likes, and make money based on how many votes (LIKE$) you can raise.

World Salsa Championship - Most Liked Dance Video

At the end of the year, the dancer with the video who has received the most votes (LIKE$), will get $2,020 as a prize, from the WDG. But not only will the dancer who has obtained the most votes be the winner, but each dancer will receive up to 50% prize money, based on the most popular video he or she has uploaded to the platform. What does this mean? That if your video got 500 votes or LIKE$, for example, even if it wasn’t the most popular video of the contest, you’ll still get $250 as a prize.

In short, the competition can be summarized in:

1. Record a video with a minimum of one-minute duration. (You can record it on your mobile, or with the device of your choice.)

2. Sign up for free on the website and post your videos, just like you do on social media.

3. Notify your loved ones, friends and followers to support your video with a vote (free or paid).

4. Wait until December 31 to find out how many dollars you have earned from the votes (LIKE$) you managed to get for as long as your material was posted.

5. If you are the author of the video with the most LIKE$ of the platform, you will be crowned as the Ultimate Champion of 2020 and be a special part of the next great dance documentary that is currently produced by WDG.

“LIKE$ is one of the most special ideas we developed in 2020. Taking the Likes of social media, which everyone knows, without regarding to where they are in the world, their culture, language, religion, and professions, and turning it into an income opportunity for dancers, has been absolutely great idea to support the dance community. Many contestants couldn’t believe it at first. ‘Will you guys pay for Likes? Doesn’t it matter if I get 10, 000 or 100?’ I was asked, because it sounds like something too good to be true, but LIKE$ is a reality. We feel the need to reward the talent and it’s there for anyone who wants to contest and has a cell phone to record their videos,” said Noel Roque, CEO of WDG.

The competition acts based on its objective of supporting the incredible resilience of dance and music professionals, who with great effort and talent have delighted the global audience for years.

With the World Dance Group, author of stages and initiatives like LIKE$, DanceMart, SalZOOM360 and 15 years path of the famous World Salsa Championships, the world’s dancers have an institution committed to their success, safety and professional development.

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News Source: World Dance Group