KIRKLAND, Wash. – Sept. 27 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — In a doctor’s office near you, look for facts on a matter of growing concern, long term care insurance. Starting today, informative waiting room displays are being supplied to physicians by LTC Financial Partners LLC, the nation’s most experienced long term care insurance brokerage.

“We are supporting doctors who want to help patients with this important health issue,” says Cameron Truesdell, CEO of LTC Financial Partners. “For longer-living Americans, long term care insurance has become a vital protection.” But getting the insurance is no slam-dunk like auto insurance, he adds. “Not everyone qualifies for it.”

*(Photo Caption: LTC Financial CEO Cameron Truesdell.)

“Your doctor, it turns out, can be a key gatekeeper here,” Truesdell continues. “Your doctor supplies the medical information to the insurance company and your doctor can tell you when to apply, before it’s too late. Doctors are the first line of defense. They know the medical history of their patients.”

To help busy doctors fill this vital role, Truesdell’s organization has created the Long Term Care Outreach and Education Program (LTCOEP(TM)) which includes an office patient quiz. Now available free to general practitioners and physicians in all specialties, the LTCOEP(TM) doctor materials consist of the quiz (in five quick questions) on a take-one card attached to the waiting room display. The doctor also receives twelve copies of Dignity for Life, a book co-authored by the nation’s top specialists. “Dignity for Life is a must read and is packed full with all the information on the subject,” says Truesdell.

The waiting room display states in bold type, “As your doctor, I am concerned about your plan for long term care…. Since the government has made it clear that health care programs will not expand to provide financing for long term care services, the responsibility is in your hands.” The display then invites patients to “Take a card” containing the quiz, which “may help you understand the need to prepare for your future.” The quiz has five questions highlighting little-known facts, such as the rising cost of long term care (now between $60,000 and $70,000 per year).

“In our experience,” says Truesdell, “about 40% of those who apply for LTC insurance get turned down. The main reason is health. This doesn’t have to be.” Doctors can help more people qualify by urging them to apply early, before disqualifying health problems arise, he points out. “And of course doctors are in the business of nurturing health itself, which promotes eligibility.”

Doctors may request the LTCOEP(TM) kit at the LTC Hotline:

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