NEW YORK, N.Y. – Oct. 24 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Capla Kesting Fine Art announced that an unveiling in Central Park of Fidel Castro on his “deathbed” may be the last opportunity to say “farewell” to the man some revere as a champion of civil rights. “Fidel Castro’s Deathbed Portrait,” described as a colossal portrait of a solemn Castro at rest, will be unveiled at 10:00 am November 8th, just north of the monument for Cuban poet, Jose Marti­.

Fidel Castro's Deathbed PortraitPhoto Caption: The colossal scaled clay model for the gilded ‘Fidel Castro’s Deathbed Portrait,’ by and Copr. © Daniel Edwards, to be unveiled in Central Park November 8th.

Inspiration for the gilded head of Castro, large enough to belong to a 25 foot man, comes from Harlem, New York’s acclamation for Castro’s contributions to civil rights. “Harlem is perhaps the only community in the U.S. that proclaims an admiration for Castro – the Central Park unveiling of his portrait is an attempt to bring Harlem’s adoration for Castro to the rest of the world,” said a spokesman for the unveiling.

Depiction of the ailing Cuban icon was made with deference to the conflicting points of view between Harlem and Miami, explained spokesman, David Kesting. “With respect to Harlem, the portrait celebrates Castro’s humanitarianism and with respect to Miami, it celebrates the end of a long regime,” said Kesting.

Reportedly, Miami’s Little Havana celebrated in the streets to wild rumors from anti-Castro exiles that Castro had died while Harlem celebrated Castro’s 80th birthday in August. The portrait of Castro is scheduled for display in Miami by Capla Kesting Fine Arts in early December.

Harlem’s friendship with Castro started in 1960 when he was famously evicted from Manhattan’s Shelburne Hotel and then welcomed by Harlem’s Hotel Theresa. The Shelburne Hotel was extended the opportunity to exhibit Castro’s portrait as a way to make amends to the Cuban President for the eviction, but the hotel firmly declined the offer.

Artist Daniel Edwards, who was also inspired by final visits to his ailing grandfather, said, “When I saw him on his deathbed I remembered only the good things.”

A short documentary about the “deathbed portrait” titled “Castro in Central Park,” produced by Goodnight Film and directed by Argentine-born filmmaker A.D. Calvo, appears on YouTube at

Location for the unveiling of “Castro’s Deathbed Portrait” is just west of Wollman rink and north of Central Park’s Artist’s Gate entrance on 59th street between Columbus Circle and Grand Army Plaza.

For more information contact Capla Kesting Fine Arts at 917-650-3760, or visit online at or

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