Curvy Pillow CoversCHICAGO, Ill., Oct. 29 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Travel with a backrest or body pillow? Yes you can… with our Patent-Pending Curvy Transformational Pillow Covers…any bed pillows can be turned into a body pillow or backrest. The Curvy Pillow Company (, a long established (since 1988) innovative designer of nature-inspired pillow products, now offers a way to turn ordinary, rectangular bed pillows into curvy, more comfortable, fully functional shapes.

The 3-Piece Set of Curvy Pillow Covers instantly turns your pile of rectangles into a world of curvy comfort that includes a Curvy Backrest, Curvy Head Pillow, and Curvy Body Pillow.

3 Piece Travel Cover Set Creates an Island of SerenityWhy do we sleep with rectangle-shaped bed pillows anyway? This is not the most comfortable shape for our bodies! And what do we do with all of those bed pillows that we wrestle and try to get comfortable with?

The answer is to transform them into better, more useful shapes that support us in all of the positions that we need for comfort in bed.

Curvy Transformational Pillow Covers are made of 100% cotton (organic cotton also available) and will transform your ordinary pillows into 3 new functional supports: 1) A Curvy Backrest that supports your head, back, and arms, for reclining, reading and watching television in bed. 2) A Curvy Head Pillow that is oval and can easily adjust, spin and flip without falling out of its case. 3) A Curvy Body Pillow that is the most like a human body and offers support exactly where you need it.

Travel Backrest Cover for Reclining in Bed3-Piece Set of Curvy Pillow Covers costs $99.95 plus 5.00 shipping and is available on

Each Curvy Pillow Case comes with a zippered closure that keeps your bed pillow securely in place. Curvy Covers are an economical way to create comfort in your own bed or on the road. They are compact and easy for travel.

Using ordinary hotel pillows, you can have your backrest, head and body pillow with you wherever you sleep. Curvy Covers easily pack in a small section of your suitcase or purse. They make a great gift for any-body!

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