CHICAGO, Ill., June 25 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Have you ever been poked in the eye by the pointy corner of your rectangular bed pillow?” Pillow Designer and Spokesperson for the Curvy Pillow Company, Pam Blumenthal, was recently quoted as saying “It’s ridiculous, but it’s no joke – people do get poked by pointy-cornered pillows.” She goes on to say: “Why would we want to sleep with rectangles anyway? The only reason that we all sleep with rectangular bed pillows is that it’s the easiest shape for manufacturing. There was never any thought as to whether the rectangle was the most comfortable shape for our bodies.”

curvy pillow company“Well, I think it’s about time we put our comfort and relaxation, not to mention our safety, first and foremost, when it comes to bed pillows,” says Blumenthal. “Our bodies are curvy and curviness is more relaxing and comfortable to our bodies as well as our minds. That is why, we, at, have created a way to take your existing rectangular bed pillows and transform them into curvy, more natural, relaxing and comfortable shapes for the body.”

Blumenthal calls it “a magic trick” when she changes the shapes of ordinary bed pillows: “It’s unique and innovative and I hope more people will get a chance to experience them.”

They are called Curvy Transformational Pillow Covers. Curvy Covers can be purchased on or direct from the company, and are made in the USA. Costs range from $23 for The Curvy Head Pillow Cover, $35 for the Curvy Body Pillow Cover, $35 for the Curvy Backrest Cover. The Set of all 3 Curvy Covers together costs $80 and is almost 15 percent less than purchasing them separately.

Curvy Covers are also available in organic cotton. Also being offered by the Curvy Pillow Company, as shown ion the video, are Organic Kapok Bed Pillows. Kapok is a natural fiber that comes from the Ceiba Tree. Blumenthal contends that Kapok makes the most supportive pillow on the planet.

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The YouTube video introduces Kapok Pillows and Curvy Covers and explains how to use them. On YouTube, search “Curvy Pillow Cover Demonstration” or the video ID “PUPAvmCcWBo”.

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