CHICAGO, Ill., Jan. 26, 2017 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The world is finally waking up to healing their bodies during sleep. Body Pillow Therapy™ from Earthy Pillows (formerly The Curvy Pillow Company) is a new concept in maintaining proper posture for comfort and healing during rest and recovery from injury.

Earthy Pillows - Body Pillow Therapy
Pam Blumenthal, the creator of the all-natural head and body dual-pillow sleep system called Body Pillow Therapy™, contends that “Setting your body up (when you go to bed) with the natural kapok-filled Curvy Head Pillow and Body Pillow Therapy Body Pillow will give your whole body a stable supportive environment for restorative rest as well as injury recovery.”

Body Pillow Therapy is a new concept in maintaining proper posture for comfort and healing during rest and recovery from injury. Specially positioning oneself with the therapeutic head and body pillow allows the body to achieve a state of profound comfort and relaxation for healthy rest and the promotion of healing. There are various positions that physical therapists have found helpful for specific injuries.

More information on the therapeutic positions can be found on the company’s website:

The Body Pillow Therapy(TM) Body Pillow is available on Amazon for $59 plus shipping:

Washable 100% cotton cover sold separately for $26 plus shipping:

The Body Pillow Therapy Sleep Set which includes head and body pillow and washable 100% cotton covers costs $125 for small set and $150 for large set:

According to one owner/reviewer of the product: “I bought this pillow to provide leg and back support due to pain I was having. I haven’t had the pain wake me at night since the pillow arrived in my home. It doesn’t lose shape and is long enough for me to vary positions. It provided exactly what I needed. I’ve recommended it to anyone who asked!”

Created in 1988, the Original All-Natural Body Pillow Therapy™ Body Pillow was the very first body pillow on the market. Soon after its creation, it was discovered by physical therapists as a special positioning tool to help with patients’ rest and recovery. As the company evolved, they paired a special, curvy head pillow along with the original body pillow, and thus the Body Pillow Therapy™ Sleep Set was born. The Body Pillow Therapy Sleep Set provides total body comfort and healthy posture from head to toe.

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