STILLWATER, Okla., Sept. 8 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — HostBridge Technology, leading provider of integration/SOA software for IBM System z mainframes, has released HostBridge version 6.5. “The new release builds on the enhancements recently introduced in v6,” said Russ Teubner, HostBridge CEO. “Customers will now be able to lower their costs by shifting integration/SOA workloads to the IBM zIIP specialty engine, develop Web services with greater speed and flexibility, and add Web 2.0 functionality to integration/SOA initiatives.”

HostBridge v6.5 will be introduced in a live webcast on Tuesday, September 14, 2010, 11:00 a.m. Central (U.S.). Those wishing to attend can register at

HostBridge for zIIP (HBzIIP) takes advantage of IBM’s System z Integrated Information Process (zIIP) specialty engine, which allows organizations to increase mainframe processing capacity for specific workloads without higher license fees – an attractive economy in today’s climate.

HostBridge users will be able to shift significant portions of their mainframe integration/SOA workloads to the zIIP. Using HBzIIP, organizations can lower the costs of mainframe integration and Web services processes. Depending on the scope of integration workloads, savings can be significant. Organizations can achieve these savings without reduction in performance.

Version 6 enhancements, introduced in late 2009, provide the foundation for v6.5:

HostBridge Process Automation Engine. For v6, HostBridge rebuilt its Process Automation Engine to fully support and comply with the ECMAScript Edition 3/JavaScript 1.8 standard. The new HB Process Automation Engine is a JavaScript-based development/runtime facility that lets users integrate any CICS® application or CICS-accessible data source (DB2, VSAM, DL/I, Datacom) with any distributed systems. Uniquely, HB Process Automation also allows users to orchestrate and automate complex CICS transaction processes as a single service. The rebuilt engine adds the greater power and flexibility inherent in the new ECMAScript/JavaScript standard, performs at higher levels, executes both inside and outside of CICS, and executes as an Enclave SRB.

Web 2.0/Lightweight Services. Newly supported services technologies include REST, E4X, XPath, JSON, and Atom. These give users flexible new choices for services-based CICS and mainframe data integration. They offer simpler, very effective alternatives to formal SOAP/WSDL-based services for faster, more agile integration of CICS data and business logic into new composite applications and mashups.

CICS and System z Support. HostBridge continues to support and exploit a wide range of CICS and System z tools and technologies, now including CICS Explorer, channels, containers, Event Processing, and mainframe/Internet security enhancements.

HostBridge v6.5 offers the highest-performance, highest-fidelity integration/SOA for organizations that bet their business on CICS and System z.

“Whether you’re a financial services provider repurposing a legacy CICS account application with a Web 2.0 interface or a health insurer making policy data available through a national eHealth cloud, integration remains one of the most effective ways to get maximum bang for your mainframe buck,” said Teubner. “We design and develop HostBridge with cost management and ROI always in mind. Our customers typically achieve payback in less than a year and realize significant returns on HostBridge and their mainframe investments for many years thereafter.”

HostBridge Technology is an IBM Advanced Business Partner, a member of the IBM Ready for Rational and Ready for SOA programs, and a licensed IBM zIIP ISV. HostBridge also partners with CA, Oracle, and other industry leaders.

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About HostBridge Technology:
HostBridge® Technology provides integration software for enterprises that rely on the IBM System z mainframe. Our patented products deliver mainframe data and business logic as XML/Web services, enabling organizations to extend mainframe access to many new users, modernize legacy applications with feature-rich Web interfaces, and integrate anything mainframe with anything distributed. Founded in 2000, HostBridge Technology has built a reputation for solving the hardest integration problems. Among its loyal customers, HostBridge counts many of the largest companies in the world. For more information, visit

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