PALO ALTO, Calif., Oct. 5, 2011 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Cory Allen Contemporary Art (CACA) announces that Google Artist XVALA goes dumpster diving in Silicon Valley, invading tech founders’ personal trash to create a series of sculptures that has been made available to the public online and in upcoming gallery shows.

“Dumpster Diving Silicon” is a series of sculptures, based on XVALA’s dumpster diving practices of tech founders’ residential trash cans throughout Silicon Valley. Besides Zuck, XVALA invaded the trash of Apple’s Steve Jobs, Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, and Wikipedia’s Jimmy Wales. The trash found at these residences range from random objects such as medical waste, adult and hygiene products, empty booze bottles to spreadsheets, hair clippings, and typical household items.

“The Zuck hanger is harmless compared to the remaining sculptures that we are releasing this month,” said Cory Allen. “Personally, I think we all have things that we throw away that we don’t want people to connect back to us.”

“Mark Zuckerberg’s Not Very Well Hung Hanger,” is the first of XVALA’s dumpster diving series and uses a wire coat hanger retrieved from Mark Zuckerberg’s trash can, bent and shaped by hand to depict Zuckerberg’s “manhood” from one view, painted Facebook-blue. “I wanted to ‘expose’ Zuckerberg like he exposes Facebook users, daily.”

“Facebook has the potential to air everyone’s dirty laundry – and does,” said Cory Allen. “XVALA is making that comment by having fun with Zuckerberg by showing the world his personal trash in a provocative and artistic way.”

“I’m trying to glean from Mark Zuckerberg for personal advancement the same way Zuckerberg gleans information from Facebook users for his own personal gain,” said XVALA.

A gallery video, created by CACA, demonstrates an image compilation of the dumpster diving series in the making, and can be found at .

For more info, contact Cory Allen at 323-393-3115 or visit

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– Photo Caption: “Mark Zuckerberg’s Not Very Well Hung Hanger” by XVALA.

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