TIPP CITY, Ohio, Jan. 23, 2014 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Tony Dunn, Superintendent of Belpre City Schools, is pleased to announce that the District has implemented an energy conservation project, which is being executed by Energy Optimizers, USA, to improve four existing school buildings, reduce over-all energy usage, and save taxpayer dollars.

“In an age of declining revenue and resources, the ability to reduce our operational expenditures through greater energy efficiency is tremendously important for the fiscal health of the school district. Energy Optimizers, USA has enabled us to achieve energy savings, which will allow the District to focus on its mission of ensuring that students are college and career ready and able to compete for any job they desire,” says Dunn.

The District is utilizing a funding mechanism through the Ohio School Facilities Commission’s House Bill 264 program so that the District does not have to ask for any taxpayer dollars. Though the total cost of this project exceeds $550,000, the Belpre City School District will save $56,185 annual energy and operations costs.

Energy Optimizers, USA identified areas where enhancements should be made to the High School, Elementary School, the Lawton Building, and the Stone Administration Building. Three of the four buildings had outdated and barely functioning heating systems that were originally coal-fired units, which were later converted to gas-fired and were very inefficient. It was impossible to buy replacement parts when the system broke down. The HVAC system at Belpre High School was replaced by Steers Heating and Cooling, Inc. and the District’s Maintenance team. HVAC systems in the other buildings were reworked to ensure proper operation and efficiency.

Energy Optimizers, USA also implemented interior and exterior lighting renovations to significantly reduce electrical consumption across the district. The control systems in the buildings will be integrated into one web-based system to allow the district to monitor and analyze the facilities’ energy usage. Programming measures will reduce energy usage and improve comfort levels in the buildings.

Other project energy conservation measures include installation of variable frequency drives on air handlers in three of the buildings and replacement of three exterior doors at Belpre High School with new, tightly sealed doors. There will be a 15-year energy savings verification program implemented by a third party as required by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission.

“This project will improve the environment for the student body and the faculty while producing significant energy savings,” notes Greg Smith, President of Energy Optimizers, USA. “We look forward to helping Belpre City Schools meet their fiscal goals and assisting them in championing a great idea – the idea that a ‘greener,’ more sustainable means of energy use is not only responsible and practical, it is preferable.”

About Energy Optimizers, USA:
Energy Optimizers, USA works with Ohio school districts and government agencies to implement energy savings opportunities to reduce operational costs, including lighting retrofits, renewable energy projects (wind and solar), HVAC retrofit projects, building automation retrofits and energy education programs. To learn more about Energy Optimizers, USA, visit their website at http://energyoptusa.com/ or call them at (937) 877-1919.

7950 S. Co. Rd 25A, Tipp City, OH 45371; p 937.877.1919.

* PHOTO CAPTION: (Pictured) Tony Dunn and Dion Vance.

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Energy Optimizers, USA

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