WASHINGTON, D.C., May 6, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center (BHERC) continues its “Operation Love” outreach Saturday May 9, and Sunday, May 10, 2020 in Washington D.C. and Baltimore, Maryland targeting homeless families with “underlying” health and psychosocial conditions who have been extremely impacted by COVID 19 shelter in place mandates and need assistance.

BHERC - Black Hollywood Education and Resource Center
This effort will provide A Mother’s Day meal or grocery box with two weeks of food with healthy recipes, Laced with Love on how to prepare the meals and a gift basket of essential items for 500 families living shelters, special housing and homeless encampments. The program has reached over 2000 seniors and homeless individuals since the start of the pandemic. Some of the agencies will pick up the gift boxes from 3532 Massachusetts Ave NW, while others will be delivered directly to the shelter or encampment, a list of the agencies can be found below.

“Operation Love” meals and gift baskets are for homeless families living in the shelters or special housing programs including their children, and caregivers. As we begin to celebrate Nurses Week, “Year of the Nurse and Midwife,” the Mother’s Day dinner, grocery boxes and gift baskets are being donated in honor of Dr. Bernardine M. Lacey an extraordinary nurse leader. Dr. Bernardine Lacey, is credited with starting the movement to include care of the underserved in the nursing curriculum and she started the first nurse operated homeless clinic at the D Street Shelter, in Washington, D.C. Because of this movement, the profession is better prepared to care for the most vulnerable populations in the American society.

“This small showing of love is both a practical and a heartfelt demonstration of the importance of our most vulnerable populations. We want the homeless to know they have not been forgotten in the midst of our mandated and necessary physical distancing,” states Sandra Evers-Manly, President of BHERC.

The gift basket includes feminine hygiene products, hard to find items such as: gloves, toilet paper, face masks, hand sanitizer and various other essential items. In addition, the children’s book Raised by Mrs. Manly and her Ls, written by Ms. Sandra Evers-Manly and other toys will be given to the children. The meals and baskets will be prepared and delivered using City/State and CDC guidelines. Contributors to the gift baskets include the Living Legend Dr. Bernardine Lacey, Dr. Shirley Evers-Manly, President All Health Care/Imani’s, the National Black Nurses Association, Gwendylon Johnson, member Chi Eta Phi Nursing Sorority,

During this unprecedented time in our lives, the COVID19 worldwide health and humanitarian pandemic is redefining the very way we live our lives daily. In many instances, eclipsing the future of what daily work, education, entertainment and play will look like in the future for all of us. In addition to the need for essential supplies is the need for emotional support. “Operation Love delivers a strong message that you are not alone in these difficult times. We are with you!” says Evers-Manly.

At BHERC, this is the kind of action that has made the BHERC family, its friends and colleagues, unique as we demonstrate an enthusiastic abiding support and responsive manner when called upon over the years. BHERC encourages everyone that can to act.

“Let’s remind the ones around us how much they matter. Encourage them to stay strong and steadfast,” states Evers-Manly.

The BHERC family encourages everyone to consider supporting the vulnerable populations, You can:

  • Contact a homeless shelter to check on their needs
  • If shopping (do so under City/State and CDC guidelines), pick up an item or two for a homeless family or someone in need (practice social distancing)
  • Donate or make mask for the shelter or isolated seniors
  • Send an online order to someone in need

In addition to the focus on homeless, the BHERC Operation Love is focused on distributing masks to seniors and supporting the National Black Nurses Association (NBNA). Last week the BHERC president made a contribution to the NBNA to create a special fund to support nurses on the front-line battling COVID19 and to curate an online instructional program for Nurses to Help Nurses. The NBNA donation will also provide 1000 masks for NBNA nurses and provide support for their distribution of masks, meals, nursing education, and culturally sensitive health education materials where chapters are located across the country.

“Each and every one of us must reach out in a safe way to make sure vulnerable populations have someone to talk to, have medications and have enough food to eat during these difficult times,” expressed Dr. Martha A. Dawson, President of the National Black Nurses Association. “We are pleased to partner with Ms. Sandra Evers-Manly during these challenging times.”

Everyone can all join in the fight by making just a quick phone call or sending a simple text message. Keeping each other positive and reminding your neighbors and loved ones that even in our isolation, we are not alone. #BHERCStrongTogether

Operation Love Organizations

House of Ruth Provides safe and stable housing to women, children and families in the DC area who have experienced homelessness and abuse. Twenty-five hot meals will be delivered Saturday May 9, 2020.

Hope House DC offers programs to prisoners and their families aimed at decreasing recidivism and keeping incarcerated men connected to the community. Not surprisingly, studies have shown that prisoners who remain in contact with their families while incarcerated have a lower recidivism rate.

New Endeavors by Women helps keep women in DC safe and healthy with housing and supportive services, including one-on-one case management.

Seniors Organized for Solutions NOW!!! Masks were delivered Friday May 1, 2020 to isolated seniors, many who have not been able to come outside since the shelter in place was implemented in Washington, DC.

DC Child and Family Services Agency Ten families living in a tent encampment.

The Family Recovery Program, Inc. (Baltimore) The Family Recovery Program serves parents ages 18 and over of Baltimore City children ages 0-10 who have been removed from their care for at least one night for reasons substantially related to substance abuse. The presenting child must have never been adjudicated Child in Need of Assistance. Substance Abuse Treatment Individuals will be referred to treatment services which may include: Individual and group counseling, Relapse prevention, Self-help groups, General health and nutrition education, parenting skills, and domestic violence education. According to families in her program are having a having a rough time getting food.

DC Department of Human Services.

According to Scott Sibley, Community Liaison Partner, Sponsor & Donor, “DC Human Services need 500 reusable masks targeting the needs DHS’ served residents and staff. We will provide them with 200 reusable masks and 100 medical grade masks towards this effort.”

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