MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., Nov. 17, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Successfully serving customers from the Wayzata suburb for over 2 decades as the go-to center for Paint Protection Film Installation and Window Tinting (automobile, residential, commercial) in the St Paul-Minneapolis area, Bravo Protection Products is looking forward to serving customers from its new service center in Plymouth, Minnesota.

BRAVO Protection Products
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According to Tom Prezioso, the proud owner of Bravo Protection Products, “We have had an incredible journey over the last 25 years, and it is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to our old location in Wayzata. Our new center in Plymouth will be larger, allowing us to upgrade our PPF or Clear Bra application facilities and Window Tinting services to serve our customers better.”

He continues, “Our new center in Plymouth, just 3.2 miles away from our old location in Wayzata, will be easily accessible for our old clients and serve as a welcoming point for new ones. We’re moving to a larger, upgraded facility with a more expansive area for all our services.”

Widely renowned as the best Paint Protection Film or Clear Bra installers in Minneapolis and surrounding areas, Bravo Protection Products has helped thousands of car owners feel secure about their paint and window protection.

As an XPEL-certified PPF installer, Bravo uses Ultimate Plus, the best industry-rated paint protection film with a self-healing topcoat and hydrophobic properties to provide superior car paint protection. They install this ground-breaking product using the latest software from XPEL to secure your automobile against potential damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt, insects, small debris, bird droppings, acid rain, etc.

As Prezioso states, “Our premium range of services, including Clear Bra Paint Protection and Window Tinting, offer a great way to elevate the appeal of your automobile, boat, home, or business while increasing security and functionality.”

Emerging as a top service provider in Automobile Paint Protection, Bravo also offers state-of-the-art ceramic coating services in Minnesota, using FUSION PLUS™ from XPEL that adds another layer of protection and gloss to the vehicle, keeping it looking good for longer.

Aside from offering services at its center, Bravo also sends out its teams of expert window tinters to residential and commercial windows for tint and security film application.

Window tinting is an excellent option for residential properties as it helps control indoor temperatures while also making your home safe inside and out.

When it comes to commercial window tinting, Bravo’s experts have successfully tinted entire buildings to reduce UV penetration and regulate internal temperatures. The company also offers safety film applications to make large glass windows shatterproof.

Apart from its affiliation with industry leaders in automobile paint protection and window tinting, what sets Bravo apart is its incredible team with over 50 years of experience in the PPF installation and window tinting industry.

Prezioso explains, “It’s hard to find another team that can match our experience and the level of perfection we have achieved, whether we talk about Clear Bra installation or our window tinting services. Our knowledge and expertise are further accentuated by our attention to detail and commitment to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction on every job we undertake.”

Over the years, several businesses, homeowners, and organizations have trusted Bravo with their window tinting and safety film installation needs. Their team has some of the best XPEL-certified window tint installers in Minneapolis.

“For window tinting, we only use the best-in-class products made by XPEL,” Prezioso says. “XPEL is absolutely the best for automotive window tinting, flat glass window tinting, boat and RV window tinting, and security window film. Using our expertise, we have installed window tinting for thousands of vehicles, homes, and businesses in the last 25 years.”

He further states, “The service industry hinges on customer experience and satisfaction. At Bravo, we use quality control tools and techniques to  ensure that all our installations, including PPF, Window Tinting, and Safety & Security Film application, are done to perfection. We believe in doing it right the first time, making sure that our customers feel satisfied.”

Making customers feel special has helped Bravo dominate the industry for over 25 years.

“We treat every one of our customers as if they are the most important customer we’ll ever have, and that’s a tradition we plan to carry on in our new location.”

About Bravo Protection Products

Opening its doors to the public in 1997, Bravo Protection Products has emerged as one of the leading names in Clear Bra/Paint Protection Film Installation and Window Tinting.

  • Paint Protection Film: As the top Clear Bra Installation company in the Twin Cities region, Bravo Protection Products uses top-of-the-line Paint Protection Films and quality installation techniques to offer advanced protection to keep your expensive paintwork looking good for years.
  • Automotive Window Tinting: Bravo tints vehicle windows to a variety of darkness levels (50% is the MN Legal limit, 20% for Trucks/Vans/SUVs, and 5% as seen on limos) to combat heat and radiation from the sun.
  • Commercial Window Tinting: Specializing in commercial window tinting for over two decades, Bravo offers decorative window tinting and solar window tinting for commercial properties to reduce light and heat levels and transform the property’s look. The company carries multiple designs, including everything from frosted and decorative films to window tints in darker shades ranging from light to dark.
  • Ceramic Coating: Ceramic Coating from Bravo Protection Products adds depth, improves surface clarity, and protects your vehicle from the elements with XPEL’s super hydrophobic formula – all designed to withstand years of driving.
  • Safety and Security Window Film: Recognizing the need to protect both homes and businesses, Bravo Protection installs high-grade safety and security films that block UV rays and heat, let in light, keep shattered glass intact, and deter criminals from smash-and-grab crimes.
  • Residential Window Tinting: Bravo has a range of safety solutions for protecting your home’s decorative windows by making them shatterproof and keeping out excess light, heat, and UV radiation.
  • Boat Window Tinting: The company uses high-quality XPEL PRIME HP window tint to change the appearance of your boat and shield your boat’s interiors against harmful UV oxidation. The company has installed window tinting on hundreds of inland surf and cruiser boats and is well-equipped to handle all your boat window tinting needs.

To learn more about Bravo’s Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting Services, visit their website: https://bravoprotectionmn.com/


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