MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., March 29, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Bravo Protection Products is celebrating an incredible milestone in 2022. An industry leader in the Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film installation business, Bravo is celebrating over 20 years of proudly serving Minneapolis, the western suburbs, and St. Paul.

BRAVO Protection Products

According to Tommy Prezioso, the owner of Bravo Protection Products, “Our constant focus on innovation and use of the latest available technologies has helped us stay ahead of the curve in Paint Protection Film installation and window tinting. At the same time, we have always focused on providing excellent service to all our clients, building long-lasting customer relationships and loyalty for long-term success.”

He further explains, “We are one of the few XPEL-certified film installers in the Twin Cities and one of the country’s largest installers of XPEL. We believe in providing the finest products to all our customers. As a top-level Clear Bra installation company in Minneapolis, we apply high-quality XPEL Paint Protection Films to protect your car against damage caused by rocks, gravel, salt, insects, small debris, and other dangers.”

From the Basic Protection Package, which offers partial protection for your hood, fenders, and mirrors, to the Full Car Protection Plan, which covers every square inch of your paintwork, Bravo offers flexible PPF solutions to fit your preference.

Getting complete PPF or Clear Bra coverage for your vehicle can help your car look its best for years. At the same time, it also endows your vehicle with the ability to combat the elements and protect your paint finish from chipping from small rocks or small debris on the road.

Another critical element that sets Bravo apart is its incredible team with over 50 years of experience in the automotive and window tinting industry.

Prezioso explains, “When we talk about Paint Protection Film installation, there’s no substitute for experience. My team has perfected our processes using the knowledge and practice gained over decades of PPF installation and window tinting jobs. The level of expertise and the attention to detail that comes with it is hard to find anywhere else.”

Apart from its excellent human resources, the company also channels advanced technological tools, including the XPEL DAP or Design Access Program. The program offers a database of over 80,000 patterns from XPEL to apply Clear Bra Paint Protection Film accurately for every car, every time.

Another distinct advantage that distinguishes Bravo Protection Products from the rest is the company’s world-class dealer network with certified installers in over 55 countries.

Additionally, the importance of ensuring a positive customer experience is high up on Tom Prezioso’s list. He states, “One of the key factors that have been instrumental to our success is our referrals. These arise from a high level of customer satisfaction. At Bravo, we display a strong commitment to the client because we are attentive to our clients’ every need. We dedicate ourselves to every job, taking pride in doing business the old-fashioned way.”

While Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film installation is the company’s primary focus, the company offers an incredibly diverse bouquet of services.

Prezioso adds, “We get extensive work in the automotive sector due to our stellar reputation. Aside from our extensive Clear Bra or Paint Protection Film installation services that help protect your car’s exterior paint and maintain its factory sparkle, we are also the top choice for window tinting. Our experts are frequently called to commercial buildings and private residences for specialized window tinting and security window film jobs.”

With Bravo Protection Products, you can get XPEL Window Film installed on the windows at your home and office, thereby cutting out nearly 99.9% of the sun’s UV rays and reducing heat absorption by up to 80%, saving you a fortune in energy costs. Lower UV exposure further helps reduce the fading of your interiors, including hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, artwork, etc.

Bravo Protection is extremely proud of reaching the milestone of 25 years in business. And we will continue to focus on providing the best products and the best service for the greater Twin Cities area for the next 25 years as well!

About Bravo Protection Products

Established in 1997, Bravo Protection Products has built a name for itself in the Clear Bra and Paint Protection Film installation industry.

Each of the company’s products is meticulously tested and proven to perform under the harshest conditions while adding additional gloss and depth to your vehicle’s appearance that far exceeds your expectations.

The company’s confidence in the longevity of its products is reflected in its warranty. Bravo offers its clients a 10-year warranty on all its installations, guaranteeing that it will be free from defects like bubbling, fading, cracking, etc.

Here are the key reasons why Clear Bra or PPF is the best protection that you can get for your vehicle:

  • Best-in-class Products: After trying and testing most of the products in the market, the experts at Bravo are well conversant with what works and what doesn’t.
    • Bravo uses XPEL Paint Protection Film to protect your vehicle’s finish from road debris, scratches, weather hazards, and regular wear and tear.
  • Exceptional Clarity: XPEL PPF is specially-designed to elevate your automobile’s look. It acts as an invisible shield protecting your vehicle from harm while providing a clear finish.
  • Comes with Self-Healing Properties: Another reason to go for XPEL PPF is that its innovative film comes equipped with a self-healing material capable of repairing all scratches on its own without requiring any assistance from the vehicle owner.
  • High Durability: Bravo has been taking care of Minneapolis’ Paint Protection Film needs for over two decades. Our team has installed Clear Bra on thousands of automobiles, allowing owners to keep their vehicles in pristine condition with minimal effort.
    • Our XPEL Paint Protection Film packages are backed by lifetime manufacturers and offer long-lasting world-class surface protection for your vehicle’s paint. In fact, our XPEL Paint Protection Films can last you for an entire lifetime with proper maintenance.

As Tom Prezioso states, “We’re incredibly proud of how far we have come as a company and aim to continue providing our clients with the finest products and services in the years to come.”

For more information on Bravo’s Clear Bra Paint Protection Film and Window Tinting Services, visit their website: https://bravoprotectionmn.com/.

News Source: Bravo Protection Products