NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Feb. 3, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — With only 13 days left before California Proposition 58 property tax breaks undergo changes and limitations imposed by new tax measure Proposition 19, on Feb. 16, 2021 – popular trust lender Commercial Loan Corporation is offering Heirs of Estates and Trust Beneficiaries, who are inheriting a home from parents, a free benefit analysis.

Californians who want to keep their parents’ low property taxes, can call 877-464-1066 or visit online for a free Cost Benefit Analysis & Evaluation. Commercial Loan Corp assists families and beneficiaries by taking advantage of Proposition 58 and its’ “Parent-to-Child Exclusion” or “Exemption” – avoiding property tax reassessment, and determining how much beneficiaries and homeowners can expect to save in property taxes (on average saving $6,000 or more per year).

The free Cost Benefit Analysis shows families what their options are, in terms of keeping an inherited home at a low property tax base, buying out co-beneficiaries, or selling inherited property shares through a trust loan… and compares costs as well as benefits of such a loan. Considered to be one of California’s premier trust lenders, the firm is known for working successfully for both affluent and middle class families alongside their attorney, accountant or property tax consultant, as many families attest to.

Tanis Alonso, Senior Account Manager with Commercial Loan Corp, describes their boutique estate & trust lending service: “We don’t view each trust loan scenario as simply a ‘financial transaction.’ Nor do we see the home they’ve lived in for decades as just a ‘piece of real estate.’ To us, this a ‘piece of family history’ in the making. And the process a ‘family decision,’ not a ‘transaction.’ We see our clients as real families that we’re helping, financially and emotionally, not just as clients signing a contract for a trust loan. We enjoy helping people… getting them money when they really need it – and saving them on the cost side in the bargain, with a trust loan.”

Tanis also elaborates on the firm’s process: “OK, selling versus keeping inherited property. By someone keeping the family property, everyone receives more money than if they were to sell the property. When taking into account realtor and transaction costs of approximately 6.5%, the average trust receives $45,716 more to distribute by using a trust loan to keep to property, than if they were to sell the property. Each beneficiary on average is receiving $16,652 more by someone keeping the property, instead of selling it. And the average annual property tax savings is $6,043.”

Account Exec Abe Ordaz discusses the free Benefit evaluation offer: “We are providing every family, beneficiary or heir inheriting a home left to them in an estate or trust, with a free ‘cost benefit analysis’… to see how many thousands of dollars per year we can save them in property taxes. As opposed to their property being reassessed at high current rates.”

Commercial Loan Corp originates loans to trusts and estates in probate, and helps to maximize the distribution of funds to a trust or estate; allowing beneficiaries to buyout inherited property from co-beneficiaries. When providing mortgages to trusts or estates in probate, the firm helps clients take advantage of Proposition 58 or Proposition 193 to avoid property tax reassessment and to retain a Parent’s or Grandparent’s low Proposition 13 tax base – frequently obtaining a property tax reassessment “exclusion” for families, saving them a good deal of money on property taxes.

To get a free Cost Benefit Analysis & Evaluation and lock down a low property tax base; or to receive a trust loan to buyout co-beneficiaries’ property shares, and learn more about keeping parents’ low property tax base when inheriting family property… California homeowners and beneficiaries can call Commercial Loan Corp at 1-877-464-1066.

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