EVESHAM, N.J., Feb. 6, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Drive down almost any suburban highway, and you will be greeted by a sea of sameness. McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, Wells Fargo, Target, etc. You could be anywhere. But soon, when you drive into or fly over Evesham Township, however, you will be greeted by an embodiment of the township seal. Catalyst Experiential and Evesham Township worked together on the design, which fulfills a township goal to have a unique Landmark letting you know that you are entering Evesham.

Catalyst Experiential - Evesham Landmark is a larger than life town seal
IMAGE CAPTION: The Evesham Landmark is a larger than life town seal.

Pete Henry, lead designer for Catalyst, noted, “We started playing with the concept of the town seal, and really fell in love with the idea of creating a physical manifestation of the seal. We started to envision the township seal as something that would identify the township even if you were flying over or looking at the satellite view in Google Earth.”

This concept led to a triangular Landmark that sits atop a 4,200-square-foot reflecting pool, surrounded by an 88-foot-wide circle with the township name and location. The Landmark features visual communications technology on two sides, and a smaller version of the community seal on the third. A transparent dome sits atop the structure, and will feature subtle lighting that changes based upon the barometric pressure. Vibrant landscaping with over 17,000 plants, including evergreen trees, shrubbery, and flowers, will enhance the experience.

The new Landmark will replace an obsolete gas and service station that has been a well-known community eyesore. Leah Furey-Brueder, Township Planner for Evesham, related, “As we’ve looked at redevelopment over the past several years, that service station has crossed our mind on several occasions. Sitting at the entrance to Evesham Township, it’s the first thing people see when they enter. The reason we never did a redevelopment or rehabilitation designation for the site is that, when you look at that site, we couldn’t figure out what we could do with it.”

“This project was ideal for Catalyst,” explained Amanda Toton, VP of Development, Catalyst Experiential. “Our installations are unique in that we can design something for almost any space, enabling us to revitalize land by replacing an existing use with something more desirable to the community.”

The property is less than an acre, which is too small for most modern uses. And, it has a triangular shape and a lot of frontage on the roadway. Leah notes that, “Essentially, it was suited to an old-style gas station and little else.” So, when Catalyst Experiential approached to discuss transforming the parcel with a community Landmark, complete with abundant landscaping and water feature, Leah was willing to listen.

Rain runoff will supply the reflection pool, as well as be the primary source of irrigation for the landscaping. The township will have access to the two digital displays to share community information as well as emergency alerts. The new plan also eliminates two curb cuts, increasing safety by reducing traffic that might otherwise be entering the busy roadway.

The new Landmark will fulfill many elements that Evesham had specifically outlined in its 2020 Vision Plan, including conserving open space, preserving natural resources, and promoting public health and safety.

Leah commented on the productive partnership with Catalyst, “Their initial plan met many elements of our vision plan. And, when we asked whether they could provide some additional benefits, they did.” For instance, the township recommended sidewalks, and Catalyst agreed to install as part of the plan. And, the township also inquired about solar panels to help power the displays, and Catalyst is developing plans for how to incorporate.

The Landmark was approved on at a zoning board meeting on January 27 that was attended by several community members who expressed enthusiasm for the project. Leighanne Ratcliffe, of Greenhill Court, summed up the view of many in attendance, “I’m proud to live here, and having something that beautiful, and with the landscaping—it’s a win for the community.”

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Caption: The Evesham Landmark is a larger than life town seal.

News Source: Catalyst Experiential