NEWTOWN SQUARE, Pa., Jan. 29, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — The Township of Pennsauken, New Jersey, in public private partnership with Catalyst Experiential, will bring some much needed green space back to the heavily commercial Pennsauken corridor in the form of two Community Landmarks, a Clocktower on Route 38 and a Monument on Marlton Pike. More than 70% of the land along Route 38 and 70 is zoned commercial, and commercial land can be 85% “impervious” – meaning concrete and asphalt as opposed to landscaping and greenery.

Clocktower on Route 38 - Pennsauken, NJ Corridor
In keeping with that zoning, the actual percentage of impervious surfaces on the commercial land is. . . 85%. Further, businesses maximize the amount of impervious surface for buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, and other things that enable their business to flourish or allow people to get to them.

Catalyst Experiential is working with Pennsauken to introduce nature along two parcels. The first, a Clocktower on Route 38, will replace a car stereo installation shop that occupies an unsightly 1960s single-story purple building. The site, which is almost entirely covered in concrete, will be demolished, and the property will be converted into a vibrant green space with an extensive water feature. The current cold, uninviting concrete building will be transformed into an enticing Clocktower constructed of living plants, an extensive water feature, township identification, and, of course, a clock.

The second is a Monument on Marlton Pike that will replace a closed rug store. It will include a pond as well as township identification.

Monument on Marlton Pike - Pennsauken, NJ Corridor
Amanda Toton, VP of Development for Catalyst Experiential, noted, “The projects both uniquely identify Pennsauken Township, welcome visitors, and revitalize two underutilized parcels in the community.”

The structures each feature high quality digital displays that, in addition to advertising, will be used by the Township as a communication platform that enables quick information-sharing with local residents about community events and other important messages, free of charge.

“Both of these sites have been on our wish list to revitalize,” said Betsy McBride, former Mayor and a member of the Pennsauken Township Committee. “We are very excited to not only revitalize them, but to transform them into much needed green space in our community.”

The structures fall in line with the Pennsauken Green Team initiative that consists of residents and municipal employees who have a strong interest in the environment and who work towards making Pennsauken Township more sustainable.

The Township participates in Community Visioning, by which residents envision the future they want through meaningful public participation. Stakeholders imagine where they would like the community to be in 10 or 20 years. This shared vision creates the basis for developing goals and completing actions that move the municipality toward a more ideal, sustainable community. This vision is moving towards more green space in the area, with the transformation of two underutilized concrete spaces.

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Catalyst Experiential is redefining the physical form of communication by integrating visual communication technology with municipal landmarks, public safety facilities, and community gathering places. Imagine dog parks, pedestrian bridges, art centers, or fire stations that serve the public while enabling the local government, schools, charities, and businesses to speak directly to the community they serve.

Catalyst works closely with communities to understand their needs so that they can develop solutions at no cost to taxpayers. The solutions frequently transform the under-utilized property into a community asset that combines art, architecture, and advertising in a unique way.

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