DALLAS, Texas, March 9, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Leading industrial property investment management firm Dalfen Industrial (dalfen.com) (DI) has chosen Pereview Software (pereviewsoftware.com) to support its growing portfolio and data strategy.

Pereview Software

“With the rapid growth of the sector and the company, DI needed to find a better way to manage the siloed data generated by its various departments,” said Max Gagliardi, Managing Director of Capital Markets for Dalfen. “We chose Pereview to help organize those large amounts of data and create a layer of portfolio intelligence our team can use to create value for our investors.

“Pereview’s platform allows our team to break the silos, automate reports and dashboards, and gain a broader understanding of market-wide trends we are facing at the macro and micro levels.”

Daryl Pitts, Pereview’s Senior Vice president of Global Sales, said they will integrate with Dalfen’s PM/GL environment to collect all financial and operational property level data. The software will also connect its proprietary Excel modeling framework to Dalfen’s underwriting, valuation, and budget models. This will fully capture all historical, current and projected data across the entire Dalfen real estate investment ecosystem.

“Max and his team knew that their capital markets and asset management teams needed to harness the power of their data – not only as point-in-time and historical for analysis, but also forward-looking assumptions and projections,” Pitts said. “This is something that firms like Dalfen have needed in order to continue to deliver the absolute and upmost value to their internal and external stakeholders. Pereview is honored to have been selected as their software and data partner with our industry-leading platform.”

About Dalfen Industrial

Dalfen Industrial is one of the nation’s largest buyers and developers of industrial real estate and is a leader in the last-mile property sector. DI has a vertically-integrated platform with boots-on-the-ground throughout the nation. They currently own and operate millions of square feet of strategically located last mile distribution facilities across the U.S. Learn more at https://www.dalfen.com/.

About Pereview Software

Pereview is the only all-in-one asset management platform that manages all of a client’s data across the entire asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposition. By aggregating, governing and interpreting internal and external disparate data into a single source of truth, Pereview reduces time spent on tedious report creation by 90 percent and provides actionable insights while delivering unparalleled analytic capabilities with consistent data governance for the overall increased value of your investments. Learn more at https://pereviewsoftware.com/.

Matt Hooper
Director of Marketing and Communications, Pereview Software

News Source: Pereview Software