LOS ANGELES, Calif., March 13, 2023 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — March 13 is celebrated each year in Scientology Churches, Missions and groups as the anniversary of L. Ron Hubbard’s birth. But it is also honored by hundreds of messages of respect, appreciation and gratitude from U.S. Congressmen, mayors, government ministries and religious and community leaders. They speak of the countless lives Mr. Hubbard has touched and uplifted the world over.

Author, humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard
Photo Caption: Author, humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

And they express their thanks:

  • “For his outstanding contributions to the protection and respect of human rights”
  • “For having founded and created drug rehabilitation technology”
  • “For his selfless devotion and tireless service to Mankind and thanks to whom the Scientology Volunteer Ministers provided unwavering assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, making justice available to the people as a basic constitutional human right.”

In fact, 2023 marks the 50th anniversary of Mr. Hubbard’s developing the Volunteer Ministers program, members of whom are credited by city and state government leaders as reaching millions with their indiscriminate help.

This year also marks the 100th anniversary of Mr. Hubbard’s becoming a Boy Scout. Dozens of Scouting organizations in 10 nations issued proclamations for Mr. Hubbard as an example of the values expressed in the Scouting movement. And he is thanked for The Way to Happiness, the nonreligious, common-sense moral code that has been incorporated in many Scouting programs because of its “direction and guidance” and for “fostering basic character skills for success in life.”

In Scientology Churches and Missions on six continents, local officials and religious and community leaders join Scientologists for the Church’s annual celebration of the birthday of L. Ron Hubbard, hosted by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige. The event presents an overview of the year’s achievements. And all in keeping with L. Ron Hubbard’s fondest beliefs, as expressed in his essay “My Philosophy”:

“I like to help others and count it as my greatest pleasure in life to see a person free himself of the shadows which darken his days.

“These shadows look so thick to him and weigh him down so that when he finds they are shadows and that he can see through them, walk through them and be again in the sun, he is enormously delighted. And I am afraid I am just as delighted as he is.”

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Photo Caption: Author, humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

News Source: Church of Scientology International