AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 8, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Kalyagen™ is pleased to announce the launch of its “Stem the Tide of Time” social media campaign featuring former UCLA Bruin and Milwaukee Buck All-Star Marques Johnson to promote STEMREGEN®, a natural stem cell enhancer documented to increase the number of circulating stem cells by stimulating Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization (ESCM).


“The link between a lower number of circulating stem cells and the development of age-related problems has been well documented, and increasing the number of circulating stem cells has also been well documented to enhance tissue repair and improve the course of many age-related conditions,” said Christian Drapeau, CEO and Chief Scientist of Kalyagen™. “Stemregen can indeed help to stem the tide of time, and the campaign asks the question “what does Stem the Tide of Time mean to you?”

The campaign, designed to increase awareness of STEMREGEN®, is launching to coincide with Marques Johnson’s annual birthday dunk.

“Eleven years and 27,000 minutes of running and jumping up and down NBA floors has taken its toll on my body,” said Marques Johnson. ”’Stem the Tide of Time’ for me means that I can slow or stop the onset of stiffness and soreness so I can participate in the lives of my children and grandchildren in a meaningful way. And with my 65th birthday upon us, we’ll see if I’ve stemmed the tide and can still dunk!”

STEMREGEN® is a unique and patent-pending blend of proprietary plant-based extracts documented to support ESCM and increase the number of circulating stem cells, thereby supporting the natural ability of the body to repair and stay healthy. Ingredients in STEMREGEN® have been investigated in more than eight studies for their effect on stem cell function, of which five were randomized, double- blind, placebo-controlled human clinical trials. STEMREGEN® has wide application in antiaging and overall health maintenance.

About Kalyagen

Kalyagen™ was founded by Christian Drapeau, author of the bestseller Cracking the Stem Cell Code. Kalyagen is a leader in the research and development of natural products aimed at supporting stem cell function of the body. Stem cells constitute the natural repair system of the body, and stem cell enhancers have been documented to strongly contribute to improving health and quality of life. STEMREGEN® is the first stem cell enhancer product developed by Kalyagen™. STEMREGEN® is a unique blend of proprietary plant-based extracts documented to support Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization and provide other health benefits.

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About Marques Johnson

Marques Johnson is a basketball analyst for the Milwaukee Bucks on Fox Sports Net. He played college basketball for the UCLA Bruins, won a national championship in 1975 and was the College Player of the Year as a senior. A five-time All-Star, he played seven seasons with Milwaukee before finishing his NBA career with the Los Angeles Clippers and the Golden State Warriors. He is currently a finalist for the NBA Hall of Fame and can still dunk at the age of 65.

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