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Chef Dominic had a brilliant idea of incorporating his love of sharing discount travel into his restaurant. Chef Dominic, serves the community with morning and brunch venue, is opening his restaurant in the evening for a special dinner to introduce his latest venture in discount travel.

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Las Vegas Chef Icon, Food and Travel Go Hand in Hand in Las Vegas

Chef Dominic Tedesco

LAS VEGAS, Nev., April 22, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Many Las Vegas residents may recognize Chef Dominic Tedesco, from “Chef Live” on local cable. He cooks up a storm in his Las Vegas, restaurant Unique Eats. He loves sharing his passion of great food and great travel opportunities.

Executive Chef and Restaurateur Engages the Discount Travel Industry

Chef Dominic Tedesco

LAS VEGAS, Nev., April 15, 2022 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — Chef Dominic Tedesco who has published in Clean Eating, Salsa magazine & Las Vegas Review, and multiple news interviews, is interested in expanding his interests in travel. He has been an Executive Chef & Celebrity Chef, and owns the restaurant, “Unique Eats,” in Las Vegas.