HUNTINGDON VALLEY, Pa., June 1, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — If a homeowner’s lawn looks uneven and just plain ugly in some spots, how the grass is being mowed might be affecting its appearance, says Giroud Tree and Lawn. From how to set the mower height to how soon after the rain falls the grass is cut, good mowing practices are important for keeping a lawn looking vibrant, healthy, and green all season long.

Grioud Tree and Lawn - Lawn mower height
PHOTO CAPTION: Lawn mower height is important for great grass growth. Giroud recommends that grass always be cut at 3-4 inches or higher.

Start with Clean, Sharp Blades

Before mowing the lawn, homeowners should make sure the mower blades are sharp and ready to give an even cut. Always clean mower blades between each mow to prevent the spread of fungus and diseases.

Lawn Mowing Height

Grass should always be cut at 3-4 inches or higher, especially during the warmer months. Taller grass will provide a canopy to retain soil moisture and will prevent unsightly browning, shade weed and crabgrass seeds, and facilitate deep root growth. Giroud recommends that no more than 1/3 of top growth be removed per cutting.

How Often to Mow

When mowed infrequently, tall, wet grass may leave clumps pf clippings that can smother turf and provide an opening for weed infiltration. Mow on a regular schedule, about every 7-10 days. However, homeowners should also be mindful of the weather! If there experience a dry spell, mow less often to give the grass a chance to grow. If there is a lot of rain, grass will surely grow faster; but be careful about mowing when grass is wet. Clumps of dead, wet grass left behind after a lawn mowing can lead to lawn fungus issues.

Lawn Mowing on Slopes

If the yard has a slope to it, homeowners should be careful about mowing in that area. Always mow slopes sideways to prevent scalping. Not only does this prevent damage to the lawn, but it’s also a safer practice for operating the lawn mower.

Still Seeing Lawn Problems?

If homeowners find that the lawn still doesn’t look good, there might have an underlying issue with the grass or soil, such as diseases or insect infestations. Call a certified Lawn Care company for a complete Lawn Evaluation.

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